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Louisiana State Championship

Posted by The Zinger 
The Zinger
Louisiana State Championship
October 01, 2002 08:31AM
The LA States is in 2 weeks away.

The dates are Oct 12 & 13.

I believe it is two rounds at Greenwood on Saturday and two rounds at Highland Rd on Sunday.

It's an SNDG qualifier.
The Zinger
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 05, 2002 11:10AM
Don't forget about the Louisiana States.

OCTOBER 12 & 13

Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 07, 2002 12:51PM
do any of the organizers plan to go public with info?

tee times?

entry fees?
Robin A.
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 07, 2002 01:43PM
In case you didn't receive a flier, here is the information:

State of Louisiana 2002 Disc Golf Championships
October 12th and 13th
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
A Southern National Qualifying Event

Divisions and Entry Fees are as follows

A-POOL / Amateur Divisons
Am Masters $40.00
Advanced Women $30.00
Am Men $30.00
Am Women $30.00
Juniors $25.00
Novice $25.00

B-POOL / Pro/Advanced Divisions
Open Men $60.00
Open Masters $60.00
Open Women $50.00
Open Grand Masters $50.00
Avanced Men $40.00

Two Parks - Four Courses
Official T-Shirts to all entrants
Payout to top 1/3 in all pro divisions
Payout to top 1/3 in all amateur divisions

Early registration give to TD's or mail to:
Ronnie & Wanda Cook
16557 Stephanie Ave., Baton Rouge, LA 70819

Early on-site registration @ Highland Road Park on Friday, October 11th, from 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Day 1--Greenwood Park, Saturday, October 12th
Registration 7:00-8:00 a.m.
A-POOL Players Meeting @ 8:00 a.m.
A-POOL Round One @ 8:30 a.m.
B-POOL Players Meeting @ 10:00 a.m.
B-POOL Round One @ 10:30 a.m.
A-POOL Round Two @ 12:30 p.m.
B-POOL Round Two @ 2:30 p.m.

Day 1 @ Greenwood
Amateur Divisions--Closet to the pen on Hole #8
Pro/Advanced Divisions--Closet to the pen on Hole #18
White Tees except Am Women, Jrs. & Novice--Longest Putt on Hole #11
White Tees--Longest Putt on Hole #11
(That's what the flier says!!!)

Day 2--Highland Road Park, Saturday, October 13th
B-POOL Players Meeting @ 8:00 a.m.
B-POOL Round Three @ 8:15 a.m. (Yellow Tees)
A-POOL Players Meeting @ 10:45 a.m.
A-POOL Round Three @ 11:00 a.m. (Orange Tees)
B-POOL Round Four @ 1:30 p.m. (Orange Teese)
A-POOL Round Four @ 3:30 (Blue Tees, 9 holes)
Final 6 @ 5:00 p.m. (??????)
Awards @ 6:00 p.m.

We would like to thank our major sponsors: BREC, Sky South & Scentsational Candles

For more information contact Ronnie or Wanda Cook @ 225-273-1221
or Will Timmons @ 225-766-7825

Okay, I think that pretty much covers what's on the flier, I hope this helps. Have a great week and we hope to see everyone this weekend for the 2002 State of Louisiana Disc Golf Championships.

See ya,
thanks for the info robin cus i didn't get a flier and nice posting to bet that took some time to do

The Zinger
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 07, 2002 04:57PM
Yellow tees first at Highland?
Awards at 6?

Man that is going to be a long, long day. Better bring my bug spray, as night time will be coming soon.

Thanks Robin for posting
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 07, 2002 10:21PM
i noticed the flyer says white tees at greenwood

i hope those tee locations get spray painted or something... it has been so long since they've been played-- many are fairly hard to find
Robin A.
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 08, 2002 07:21AM
Your welcome guys! It didn't take that long to post it. I also noticed the flier said white tees at Greenwood, maybe someone can contact Ronnie Cook or Will and ask them if they meant red?????

See ya,
Robin :)
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 08, 2002 12:30PM
I don't Know. Sorry. White might be a fun change that gives lefties as well as righties a fair coures. (ha ha ha) I'm sure we'll figure it out before Friday.
Robin A.
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 08, 2002 01:24PM
Thanks Will. If the pro women have to play the long tees, I would rather play the white, at least I know I can hit land, I'm not saying in the wide-open field, just land not water from the white on the lake hole! I actually like the white tees on some holes better than the orange. I think it was Victor who originally brought up the issue about being able to find them, which I think we can do pretty easily.

See ya soon,
Robin :)
John Kittrell
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 08, 2002 03:33PM
If I remember correctly, last year during the second day both pools were combined because the turnout didn't justify two pools. I think that might happen this weekend too. LA Open two weeks ago was PDGA and SNQ with added money and the turnout was only @60. I hope I'm wrong but I don't see a two pool turnout - but I will be there rain or shine. I have to beat Will T. in round sooner or later...
John K
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 08, 2002 08:50PM
vl and I and a couple of others walked around looking for the white tees Tues eve. We found many, but not all of them. Hole 9 maybe doesn't have a white tee box; we didn't find one at any rate. Others we could NOT find were #2, #3, #5, #7 and #18, although we were probably in the general vicinity of the tee locations. Some are probably covered over with grass or leaves. If we're playing white tees, hopefully they will be well marked by tourney time. We tried to clear off those that we did find.
I am wishing everyone good luck i will not be able to play States (that sucks ) i have to got o Michigan for work and will be leaving on Sunday = So good luck to everyone

I know of a bunch of folks from Lafayette will be at States who didn't show up for the La. Open because of cost, especially with the Howler in a couple of weeks. Three very expensive tournaments in a span of a month has people picking and choosing evidently. In fact I would suggest that you td's take note! We could increase attendance at tournaments if entry fees were not so high. Lafayette tournaments have low entry fees and very high turnouts especially from local ams and novices.
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 09, 2002 04:49PM
Amen Brother!
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 09, 2002 05:57PM
we went to greenwood yesterday to play the white tees...

goby, ben and brian had never played them so i walked them through that layout...

we found most of the white markers but not all... we cleared the dirt and grass from the white bricks we could find...

it might be wise for the organizers to go out and mark them with paint or something...

the weather outlook for the weekend looks like it may rain some... bring your extra shoes and umbrellas...
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 09, 2002 06:36PM
I agree with David and zplasticmaster.
Cocerned Disc Golfer
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 10, 2002 09:15AM
I'll 2nd that amen about the entry fees being really high. With the LA Open, La States, and Halloween Howler coming up, it is hard for some of us poor folks to come up with that kind of money in such a short span of time. But I would love to be able to attend them all. Furthermore I was very disappointed with the Am pool payout at the Louisisanna Open. We payed $40 to get in and ended up with a bunch of junk discs that I myself, as well as some of the other folks in the payout will never, ever throw. I mean give some good plastic for God's sake (C.E. or Z-plastic or something other than crappy lightning plastic, Todd you know good and well nobody throws that junk). Also I was told that much of the Am prizes (or the Am Worlds merchandise) was donated. So where the hell did all those $40 that was paid in go? My guess is that it went in someone's pocket! Because it sure didn't go into the prizes. And this really concerns me! How do you expect any of those Ams to want to come back to that tournament next year when the prizes suck so bad! I mean ya'll seem really conerned with making sure the pro payout is just awesome, yet you care nothing about juicing up the Am payout. And that is just WRONG! This sport can never grow into something great, without more Ams at tournaments. We have got to appeal to them in some way, and having the type of prizes that we had at the LA Open is not the way to do it. Speaking for myself and some of the other Ams that were there, WE WILL NOT BE BACK NEXT YEAR!!!
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 10, 2002 10:03AM
concerned disc golfer,

i was just a volunteer grunt bottlewasher type guy but i will attempt to help answer your questions...

depending on "where" you placed in AMs may have some bearing on what you received as prizes?? that is only a guess...

(will and todd worked on the payout together on the Sat night of the event, maybe Will can answer you mo' better...)

lightning donated discs and bags to the event. i also know that the AM Worlds TD donated zplastic.. and Todd and i donated all the stuff we brought back from the Miami event...

the AM Worlds merch was over $400 in retail value added on top of what the Ams would've normally received (divided over all amatuer divisions-- ADV, ADV MASTER, AM2, etc)

also, i know that he spent quite a bit of his own $ out of pocket (he paid over 500$ buying stamped discs from innova)

i created the graphic and dealt with the innova folks for him and saw the "invoice amount"

when todd gets back from traveling for work he will be able to answer your questions mo' better...

the one thing i know as absolute fact is todd does not keep any money from the event.

sorry to hear you were not happy with the payout.

i believe that todd had the best of intentions at heart...

go away rain!

i've received emails and phone calls from monroe,lafayette and some texicans.

i was going to go out to greenwood today with a beginner disc golfer friend and spray paint the white tees, but it is raining...
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 10, 2002 10:20AM
A $40 entry ain't that bad. Not for a two day tournament with Hooter girls. Hell, I spend that much at Hooters last time I was there!
I do agree, however, that having the LA Open that close to States is a bad idea. LA States has been around for a long time, and has traditionally been a huge draw. I do think it is great that Todd has gotten a PDGA event in town, since Joe's 4th of July was always about it this side of Tennessee.
I wasn't at the Open, and don't know about the prizes, but you should realize that every PDGA tournament I have ever been to has been more focused on pros than Ams. It is, after all, the PROFESSIONAL Disc Golfers Association. So. Natl seems more focused on Ams, and Jim has always handed out huge prizes. My suggestion to you, CDG, would be play SNQ's run by Jim until you are good enough to move up, then @#$%& if the pro payout isn't very good. Remember, there are many people who think that amateurs should just get plaques. So maybe be glad that you got anything, and do something good for the game by handing out the crappy plastic you won't throw to new players you see on the course.
The Zinger
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 10, 2002 10:39AM
there is also a chance that you could save you "crappy" plastic and maybe next time you see Will T or Jim O, if they let you, trade them in for something that you want. Don't know if they will let you, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 10, 2002 11:03AM

the last few times that i went to the BR courses the mosquitos were fairly bad.

the parks dept has not been able to cut grass or spray like they usually do because of the wet ground.

Concerned Disc Golfer
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 10, 2002 02:09PM
Crow, I don't know what division you play in? I'm guessing that it must be pro because I play in quite a bit of tournaments in the tri-state area (MS, AL, & LA) and I've yet to see you at one tournament! Furthermore you have got to be pro because your thought on Ams receiving nothing but a plaque is a JOKE! Who do you think would come to a tournament and pay $25 and more to receive nothing but a plaque. NOBODY!!! What good does a plaque do for you, it doesn't help to advance your game one bit. You can't throw with it! All you can do is hang it on the wall. I myself go to tournaments to gain knowledge of the game, experience of tournament play, and to hopefully win some plastic that I will throw with one day that might help to excell my game to the next level. But in all actuallity it's for the prizes. I can excell my game just playing at home on Sundays with the locals, not wasting my money by going to tournaments that are'nt giving good prizes. Whoever came up with that idea obviously cares nothing about the sport growing, because people don't start in the pro ranks. They start off as amateurs and build their way up. And without some incentive (good prizes), their never going to want to come to tournaments. And that is what we need, more Ams at tournaments that will one day become pros. And on the issue of the tournament being a PDGA event, it shouldn't matter. Unless the tournament is specifically for pros only, their will always be Ams attending, and you can't just neglect them. We are just as much a part of this game as the pros are, (as much as some of you don't like to think so), CROW!!! It sounds to me like you have just gotten to good, do you have your head in the clouds or what??? Do you not remember what it is like to be an amateur, or let me guess, you were so good that you started off playing Pro. I don't think so! Just put yourself in some of our shoes for a minute and you might can understand what I'm talking about.
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 10, 2002 04:09PM
Alright, let's cool it now. I don't know who C.D.G. is , or Crow, but let's get things into perspective. Yes Am's are a huge part of Disc Golf, and I'm sorry that you were not pleased with the payout. Yes Jim O and I will trade in UNUSED plastic for stuff that you may throw, any time. (bring 'em this weekend if you want) Everyone runs tourney's different, and Todd likes to make sure that some big names in the pro division show up so he did make the Pro payout HUGE. But to condemn the area because of one problem (that will change next year, Maybe a basket for Adv. next year or something.) I also agree that the cost was a little steep for the am's and adv. but it has been a big part of the southern National disc golf series to make sure that the am's and adv. get at least what they put in to it. (minus the SN fee and BREC fees, and PDGA fees)
We do understand that there are many different tourneys to choose from in Oct. but starting next year, the La States will start moving through the state, being in S-port city next year, and I'm sure that Kevin P and the gang there will take the ball and run with it to make the La States something worth attending again.

I'm sorry if I'm rambling, but I'm at work with 20 little 3-4 yearolds running around and my concentration is not on focused. If there is anything I can discuss with you please let me know, Will T.

P.S. no, Todd kept NO money in his pocket at the LA Open, this I know as truth.
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 10, 2002 07:40PM
I agree with CDG and Will T. Alot of this is growing pains. Im sure in the future the AMs and Pros will have their own tounaments. For now lets do like CDG said and try to see the other guys view.

Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 10, 2002 08:46PM
we played the white tees again this afternoon and finally found them all... thanks robin & ronnie :)

none of us had spray paint, but we did kick the grass off of the bricks... so they are all now at least visible...


wow. the skeetRs were bad-- and will likely be so this weekend...

as far as payout,.. the PROS, ADV and AMs should donate all prizes to all of the old fart divisions (ADV MASTERS, PRO MASTERS, and GRANDMASTERS)


just kidding.


seriously, payouts seem to vary.

there is no set formula... or so it would appear...

perhaps there should be in the SN series?

maybe that could be part of what SN sanctioning "means"

that way AMS would know what to expect across the board-- no matter where a tourney is held... who runs it, etc...

(pros know what to expect)

just a thought...
I didn't realize I would touch-off the second Civil War here, but I was just suggesting that perhaps that the lower level divisions such as ams, novice and jrs have entry fees set to encourage more players and families to enter tournaments. Some of you might not realize, but it cost a family of 3 to shell out between $90 and $125 in entry fees to enter a tournament and thats playing am divisions only. It is my greatest wish to see the SNDG & PDGA tournament series grow in the south and I believe to do that you have to make it affordable for the average joe and his family to attend. The upper level am divisions such as advanced and masters probably need higher entry fees in order to furnish larger prizes to attract the experienced players. Anyway, I didn't mean to open any cans of worms, but my previous post was just an observation that a lot of potential players didn't make the La. Open because of the cost involved. Usually lafayette brings 25 or more folks to Baton Rouge for a tournament and only 5 of us showed up.
The Zinger
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 10, 2002 11:19PM
Mr. Robichaux, you didn't start anything, you just brought up a good point. I feel your pain, but i'm just gratefull enough that my dad is helping me out for this weekend,,,,woohoo,,thanks daddy

As far as everything else is concerened, we have already realized that it is impossible to make everyone happy. If Todd is offered a bunch of disc that a company wants to donate, he can't be choosey and say no. He got what he could, which was a big amout. I will admitt that I wouldn't throw some of the prizes that I won, but I will try to find someone who would.

just to touch on what VL said..............BRING BUG SPRAY

blood gulping critters the size of a house!!!!!!!!!!
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 11, 2002 05:36AM
The good news is that the rain has been removed from this weekends forecast. Instead, cooler weather is arriving, with forecasted highs in the mid 70s on Sunday! Bring it on....
John Kittrell
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 11, 2002 07:54AM
I'm a concerned disc golfer too. My concern is that the complaints of a few will affect the few disc golfers willing to take on the responsibilities and headaches to TD or run a tournament. I hope Todd realizes that the vast majority of participants in the LA Open appreciate all the time and obvious effort he and the rest of the Baton Rouge community put forth. Sure the tournament cost more than a one day SNQ but it was a two day tournament with the expenses other people had pointed out, $2 per person to the SN, $5 per person to the PDGA, and the park fee, if the entry fee wasn't more than people would be complaining about the low payout. And let's see a free t-shirt and lunch provided both days. Huge. I paid $60 and definitly got my moneys worth. Each division was paidout 40-100%. More people should thank the TDs. I know Todd would much rather have played. Todd didn't make any money on this tournament, people said that that know better than me, I believe them. He shouldn't have to be defended - that bothers me, besides if someone runs a tournament and makes a few bucks who cares, I love tournaments. As much as I like playing casual golf, tournament golf is 100 times better. I've heard several TD's from Mike Kernan to Jim Orum who've said that the headaches generated by people who don't offer suggestions to make something better but just complain to complain have caused them to reconsider running tournaments. If you didn't like a tournament, save your money next year, that's your right, or do like some people have done. Get sponsors to generate prize money for your division. Someone in the advanced division at LA States a couple years ago generated enough money to have a basket for 1st place advanced. Point - don't complain just to complain do something about it, and thank the TDs because if there not running your tournaments who will - you.
Off the soapbox....
John K
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