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Louisiana State Championship

Posted by The Zinger 
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 11, 2002 03:53PM
You Da Man Kittrell!!!!!
Who is this Crow guy and why does he decide that the PDGA only focusses on the Pro division. Maybe thats why the sport hasnt gained in popularity over the past few years. Dont get me wrong I'm a new Adv. player, but I played in the ama division for about 6 years and just resently started playing well enough to moveup. But I know one thing If I had never won any plastic and had only been given a plaque with all the money I've spent on traveling, camping, going out to eat, sign up fee's, PDGA memberships, and lets not forget having to replace plastic over the years, I would not be playing today. I know (CDG) and I know for a fact that he, I, and alot of people I know give out so called "Crappy" Disc all the time to knew players and novices. So to Mr Crow whoever you are, come to the Howler. If you dont know its in Mobile around Halloween and you can pay my way in to the tourney Mr money bags
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 11, 2002 06:43PM
First, CDG, it was not MY idea to only give a plaque to Ams. I will probably still be playing in the Advanced Division if my work schedule ever allows me to play again, and I love to win prizes. I think it is good for the sport. You seem overly defensive, and a bit of a whiner. My point was, if you get Lightning plastic, be thankful. Never look a gift horse in the mouth and all that.
Discd Daddy 1(?) you missed my point as well. I never said "only" on the Pros, that was your word, not mine. I said they seem to focus MORE on the Pros, and I don't necessarily think that is a good or a bad thing. It is my impression, and whether it is true or not, I don't honestly care. My point there was that Jim's tourneys are great for Ams. If hell freezes over and I actually get a Sunday and Saturday off together for the Howler, I will gladly come and discuss this with you in person. If not, I don't mind discussing it here with you.
Let me reiterate, I would gladly pay $40 or more for two days of disc golf competition with my friends. Or even, for that matter, the two of you.
The Zinger
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 12, 2002 01:09AM
tony? does this mean yall aren't coming back next year.
No zinger, I know they will be back next year. Just venting frustrations on the forum I'm sure. We all love the tourney play much more than just Sunday or Saturday tosses we just realize its not our job to pay into a tourney to give the pros a bigger payout.. If that was our purpose why dont we just pic out a pro when we get there and give them out signup money. I know they would be able to use it, and get a big kick out of it also. I've never been to a tourney that someone didnt complain about something. You cant make everyone happy all the time but maybe evening out the payout alittle more by spreading the so callede "crappy" disc around, TO Will t, Todd, and Jim you guys are all No 1 in my book and have a job that no body else would want. You guys are always there rain, storm, cold, or heat to try to have a @#$%& free tourney and we thank you

I'm sorry you didn't like what you got , but hell i have been to tourneys that i payed more then $60 as an am and only got Lightning plastic and gateway plastic but that wasn't why i was there , i gave what i had and what was given to me .

i agree with you that it's not all about the pro's but it's not all about the pay out and what plastic you get either , i only had about 15 lightninig disc anyways and i split it up as much as i could so that one group or person wasn't getting all lightning , now on the topic of Z-plastic and CE-Plastic , if you want to get that stuff in your pay out the i will have to charge you even more in the entry fee's cus that stuff is not cheep to buy and i don't get that stuff cheep when i buy it for you to get as prizes . I'm sorry you didn't like what you got in your prizes but between your players pack and free food i think you got more then your moneys worth or stuff and if you think about it $40 to $45 dollars is a good fee for a two day tourney with free food because you only payed 20 to 22.50 a day witch is what you would pay to play in a one day tourney in any snq tourney so don't @#$%& about entry fee's that is a good price , hell i have to take $7 for brec and $2 for snq and $5 dollars for pdga so thats $14 dollars a head right off the top that i have to take out to play people to have this tourney , if you think that i will have enough money left over to buy Z or CE plastic after that then i will have to up the entry fee's next year , i gave what i was given and what i gave myself in plastic that i had , i'm sorry that you didn't like what you got but me and will did the best we could to make everyone happy
Now me maken money on a tourney there is no way i pocketed any money i lost my ass off i put out 150.00 just in printing alone and i have to deal with bounced checks that cost me and still are costing me well over 175.00 dollars . if you don't believe me you can ask will he help me do payout i took out the money that i spent out of my own pocket and that was it , hell td can take out 15% to pay them self but i don't do it for the money i do it so that people can come play and get points and have a good time . if you choose not to come back next year well i'm sorry that you choose that. but i do the best that i can with what i have to work with , if you can do better then you run a tourney

Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 13, 2002 12:20AM
Tell 'em dude. As a former proof-reader, your post has me bleeding from the ears, but I agree with you 100%.
Sorry about your ears crow , not much of a speller or a punctuation guy and i was kinda mad when i was writting so i just went with what i had in my head
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 13, 2002 07:34AM
Well iam glad we are using the forum , this is a lot better than players whinning to each other and nothning gets done. Please speak up when you do not like something. if we hear it enought then we know there is something to it . But i know todd nor will pocket any extra money , i would bet todd lost money , been there to many times myself. most td take a 10% fee around here we have not ,it has been put back in , even that would not cover the money a td loses. anyone running a tournament who makes money of them like myself loses alot on stamps, phone calls, materials, ice , cups, tape, board cards, and much more. non of this is ever deducted from the pot. please think about this , all td want to hear if you think something went wrong,i do because we make mistakes sometimes, it has happen to me several times. on donated items some td turn it into cash , to add to the pro cash to lure pro players to show up so you can meet them and watch them play , the finals is sometimes the only place you can see them play til more tv gets here.the problem is that most pros are on tour. we hope that they will show up for s.n.c. one day , but remember they have to play in a s.n.q. first. this will happen and has already started working in the last few years. on the am pay out i have change the way i used to pay out . i try to give more to each person who cashes in than the 1st and 2nd place only getting the most part of it. so if 1st. gets $85. sky bucks second will get $80 and so on . we use to give first and second so much that they were the only one that were happy. sometimes you play real good in a tournament and only come in 3rd. or 4th. and you would not get anything hardly. that hurts no matter who you are.same in the pro payout will notice also in the bigger s.n.q.tournament that i run, all ams have been getting at least a discs or small package , so all players at least gets a little something to remember that tournamentby. i hope this helps , and remember we want to hear from you silence is a killer , soft spoken words means growth.. well go and ace one. jim
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 13, 2002 09:26PM
I guess it's about time I put my two cents in or whatever it's worth. I'm not sure who "CDG" is but take some valium will ya? Geez!

I wasn't at the tourney so I can't comment first hand, but CDG is either in a small monority or all alone is his or her opinion. Todd and his staff as well as all tournament directors do what they do because they love the sport of Disc Golf, not to make money. And the insinuation that Todd pocketed cash from the tournament is an insult to all of us who put time, effort and money into promoting our sport!

I am concerned about those bounced checks Todd mentioned. If I were him I would have listed all the bad checks in the forum! And I wouldn't accept checks from those people again.

To comment on Dave Robichaux's concern about the entry fees, that has been the scuttlebut around Lafayette as the why our attendence has fallen off at the recent tournaments. At our last tourney I was told by several pro players that we need to charge MORE and we probably will in the future as that dertermines the pay out that the pros are playing for. I do think we should try to keep the fees for the Am divisions down as much as possible even if that means ummm..."less costly plastic" being given out.

I'm not sure I understand the BREC fee of $7 per person; that's as much as the PDGA and SN combined to play in a public park??? Please don't take this wrong, but the Lafayette Parks and Rec doesn't take anything from the Acadiana Park tournaments and, in fact, has been instrumental in getting the tee shirts donated at our past two tournaments. Somehow it doesn't seem right that the city should make over $400 from a non-profit event. I guess it's going toward education! ;-)

Thanks for listening...

Joe T
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 14, 2002 01:20PM
Hey Joe T, Brec Takes $2 a head for the plaques, and when there are T-shirts, They charge $5 a head. The $2 for the plaques is great, but the costs of the shirts is a bit steep. I need to contact the Academy sports here in town to see about getting shirts donated. BREC does do quite a bit for Baton Rouge disc golf (we are taking suggestions for a new club name) and we are about to get a grant from them to get concrete t pads, real t-signs, and a third course. They also do a great job of keeping our courses mowed, and any other things that we need. Peace!
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 14, 2002 02:38PM
If you print up shirts without the assistance of BREC you are looking at about 6$ per shirt... or even more if it is multi color ink...

At wholesale, blank white shirts tend to be the least expensive, then grey... as far as the shirt itself.

When you add silk screening charges you are looking at 6$ per tshirt...

BREC actually gives us a better deal than a consumer could purchase them on their own, (silkscreened shirts in bulk)

They ask the TD to collect X$ (2 or 5) to cover the invoice of printing shirts and plaques.

The TD usually collects far less from the X$ per head so if you think about the facts BREC is giving the BR TD's a phenominal deal on shirts and plaques.

From what I've seen no TD has ever collected enough (from X$ per event turnout) to actually cover the invoice amount from BREC for the dual shirt and plaque deal-- so you really can't say it is that steep...

Will has a good idea though... maybe by getting free shirts from Academy-- and providing them to the silkscreener that BREC uses-- the shirts would be an even mo' better really good deal..
R. A.
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 14, 2002 03:14PM
We sure had beautiful weather for the Louisiana State Championships this weekend.

I just want to say a BIG THANKS to Will T. for stepping up and taking over running the Baton Rouge tourneys, your doing an excellent job and we appreciate your hard work. And also, good luck to Will at the USDGC, you go boy! And, thanks to Toad T. for all that he does as well, keep up the good work guys.

Also, I would like to thank Terry Z., Mike T., and any other folks who helped find and mark the white tees at Greenwood, and they also help clean up and take care of the courses, thanks guys.

If there are any women out there reading this, we really would like to see you at some of the tourney's, I was the ONLY woman in the whole tourney this weekend, which was very surprising to me, I'm use to being the only pro woman (most of the time), which I would like to see change, but no am women is highly unusual. I was fortunate enough to get to throw with two really nice guys, Pat Fisher and John Kitrell, thanks guys for tolerating my poor throwing this weekend, I promise I can throw better! I had fun though and that's all that matters!

Also, I would like to thank Lea H. and Wanda C. for playing pro when they can make it to the tourneys, it's nice to have some competition, I know there are other pro women out there, and or, some am women who could move up! (hint! hint!)

See ya,
R. A.
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 14, 2002 06:47PM
That sounds like a really good deal on the t-shirts from BREC. I had the impression that the fee was some sort of charge for using the facilities.

You can probably get 50 or so T-shirts from Academy. They have offered them here but with only Academy printed on the back. It can get pretty expensive if you add logos, sponsors, etc.

For now, we'll just keep letting the park get Sportscare as the T-shirt sponsor. They cover all of the silk screening which allows us to put that sponsor money towards the awards.
Toad: Please check your e-mail for a message from me!

The price on your T-shirts and plaques seems like a really great deal to me. I know that our cost for t-shirts at Tx States was $7 (reg ones) and $8 (sand-colored ones or tanks). That was wholesale with two colors and printing on both sides. Plaques/trophies aren't cheap either! I wish our Parks dept. was as cooperative as yours is!

I'm working at forging a better working relationship with our parks, but the progress is slow. Two weeks ago, I took the time and effort to sit in a chair out at the course bulletin board with a log sheet, asking everyone that played to please sign the log so I could present it to the city showing them how many people played/used their park in a 24 hour period. (No! I didn't sleep out there!) I collected 95 names in 24 hours though! It should be enough to get their attention (I hope.) I made friends with the foreman in charge of the mowing crews out there, and now that he sees how much of our own time and effort we put into keeping up the course, he is doing a much better job of mowing the grass.

I'm campaigning for new pin placements next!
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 15, 2002 08:58AM
good job ching lizard!

keep up the good work in your area!
someone out there
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 15, 2002 10:29AM
where are the results?
Re: Louisiana State Championship
October 16, 2002 03:28PM
todd, I had a great time. It was my first time to play greenwood, and i have only played higland a few times. they are great courses. I have had much worse payouts, the bad comes with the good and It is hard to make everybody happy. I was happy with my prizes, and enjoyed lunch.

thank you D

i'm not going to let one person bring me or the LA Open down , i will just try and fix the problem so that it don't happen next year and everyone will be happy , all i want is for people to come and have a good time,and say what a great tourney that was and how much fun they had so that they will tell a friend and bring someone else with them next year and maybe some day we can have an A-tier here in Louisiana

If anyone has anything to say good or bad about LA Open please let me know so that i can either fix the problem or try to improve on what everyone liked.

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