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Higher Pro Women Payouts

Posted by Gary Wagoner 
Higher Pro Women Payouts
January 22, 2009 01:35PM
While you ladies are discussing higher entry fees I would like for you to consider a means to significantly increase your payout: earmarked sponsorships. If a sponsor wants her money to go to a specific division, what am I going to do…say I ain’t takin’ your stinkin’ money? Of course not…I put the money exactly where the sponsor says and, at the conclusion of the tournament, provide her with a financial report to show that’s exactly what I did.

We have over three months until the Dogwood. If you ladies were to beat the bushes for sponsorships (and have the sponsors stipulate where the money goes) I promise you that every dollar will go into that division. Can you imagine the whining from the men if the pro women’s purse was boosted by $2,000? That’s not beyond reason. The reality is that there are many more men players that women and the payout numbers reflect that disparity. Don’t just complain about the payouts…do something about it. Go out there and secure sponsorships for your own benefit. You’ll be glad you did.

Gary Wagoner, TD
Re: Higher Pro Women Payouts
January 22, 2009 04:39PM

What a nice way to say do-it-yourself-'cause-I-ain't-gonna-do-it-for-you.


Sorry, I couldn't pass that up.

You do bring up a good point. I know I've knocked on doors and rattled some cages to bring in sponsorship money and then watched the "other" Pro divisions complain as all the added cash went only to the Open division. Thanks for planting that seed of thought. I hope it takes root and grows.
Re: Higher Pro Women Payouts
January 22, 2009 05:54PM
Actually, Judy, I will do a little bit for you. I'll pledge right hear and now on the women's forum that I will be personally responsible for bringing in $100 of sponsorship money in addition to being the TD and not playing in the tournament. Think about it...if every player brought in $100 in sponsorships the total payout for the 2009 Dogwood Classic would be in excess of $30,000.00 (Thirty thousand and no/100 Dollars). That's some seroius money!

Gary Wagoner, TD
PDGA #3901
Re: Higher Pro Women Payouts
January 23, 2009 07:03AM
Wow, I plan to make the journey this year, and will bring some sponsorship money for the Pro Master Ladies, LOL! Can't wait to come see my SN friends!

See ya'll down the road.
Re: Higher Pro Women Payouts
February 06, 2009 11:31AM
OK, ladies,

I have a committment from a $100 sponsor and I'm not even playing in the tournament. If y'all don't come to the Dogwood bearing sponsorship cash any whining about your payout will fall on deaf ears. Just so you know, the Memphis Disc Golf Club will guarantee an minimum payout to the Pro Women Open winner of $250 in case your'e not up to the task feathering your own nest.

Gary Wagoner, TD
Re: Higher Pro Women Payouts
February 06, 2009 12:32PM
Ya'll always treat the ladies right.....that's why we always come back! I'm working on a couple businesses here, but no luck yet. I keep trying to sweet talk them :) Thanks again, Gary, Danny, Barbara, and everyone else in Memphis for all that you guys do! Your awesome!
Leslie E.
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