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Women's Championships

Posted by shane 
Women's Championships
May 31, 2006 08:10PM
I was wondering about the possibility of hosting the SN women's championships. I would like to invite some discussion on this issue. I would love to host a tournament where the focus is solely on the ladies. I understand that it would be probably a little small on the turn out, but it would allow the TD to focus purely on the players. Some of the things that I have in mind is bringing in a top woman or two from the PDGA pro tour to run some clinics and have a round table discussion on the day before the tournament, some skill competitions the day of, and maybe some other events. What do you ladies think about this?


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Re: Women's Championships
May 31, 2006 09:25PM
Shane you and I talked about this idea, and I think it would be great. I hope to see a lot of women talking about this, I think this would draw more women in the SN region to come out and play. When you have a general tourny, it is mainly focused on the men, girls are over-shadowed. It is getting better, but if you have more tourny's highlighting women you are going to increase the playing field. I hope this idea goes over well...let's get some discussion going..

Re: Women's Championships
June 01, 2006 10:59AM
Thank you for thinking of us ladies!!!
I think a championship solely for ladies in the SN area would be great! I would definitely attend (schedule permitting). I believe if you set it up, and promoted it, we could have at least 20-30 women. I believe some of the PDGA women would come and play if there is good payout and LOTS OF FUN!!! The Peoria tourney for women brings around 70 or so women each year, and it is growing. I believe that after a few years a SN Women's Championship could have large numbers of women attending.

Thanks for thinking of us!!
Leslie Z.
Re: Women's Championships
June 01, 2006 12:40PM

I think it is a great idea too. I know that there is a group over in Georgia that is planning a ladies tournament over there but they are more affiliated with the PDGA than SN. If I am able and have the finances I would love to go to a women championships.

Re: Women's Championships
June 01, 2006 10:22PM
I'd LOVE a tourney just for us! And I think Poplarville is a pretty good location for a ladies SN tourney (Being sorta midway between Alabama & Louisianna & all.) I don't know about the rest of you ladies, but location is a big part of a tourney's appeal for me. Make it happen and I'll be there. I'm sure my fellow Hattiesburgian, Skye D., would show up as well. Let me know if Spin Crazy can do anything to help out. And don't forget me if ya need any signage for the event!
Re: Women's Championships
June 04, 2006 01:04PM

you are awesome. with a ladies only event, we would be able to focus on true divisions something the sndg does not always offer. there could actually be a true women am, advanced, and pro and ofcourse so on. I know that true division placing is always a problem. But at a ladies championship we could really play our competition instead of getting creamed or creaming others!!!

Re: Women's Championships
June 08, 2006 08:28PM
Hartselle would be willing to put in a bid for the tournament if the SN Board decided to sanction it as an SN major. I think it would be a great addition to the 3 championship events.

Re: Women's Championships
June 10, 2006 07:10PM

I have talked about this issue for about 2 years and haven't seen the energy to make this happen. I don't know if the SN wants to call this the SN Women's Championships or not, but I am going to host the tournament next year even if it is not considered one of the majors. If things go well, hopefully the SN will decide to pick it up. I welcome any and all help and will be calling on many of you for help and input. I talked to Marla and Judy about it today and will be working on Elaine King, Des Reading, Juliana Korver, and Carrie Burlager in the next couple weeks while I am on tour. Sassy Pants and several other clothing lines are prime candidates as well to included in this endeavor. I will be giving more details on the tournament date and format in the next few months.


P.S. Forgot that Jeff was logged in. Sorry.

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Re: Women's Championships
June 11, 2006 04:46PM
I'm sure Kathy will sponsor stuff too. []

She's awesome!!!

Count me in to play and help in any way!

Re: Women's Championships
June 12, 2006 03:16PM
Thanks Addie! I want to spend some time picking your brain for ideas about this one. You have had some wonderful ideas in the past and I know will provide great input for this tournament as well.

Re: Women's Championships
June 12, 2006 03:29PM
There is no doubt in my mind that this is something that needs to happen and I have pledged my full support to Shane to help make this happen and to staff the event when it does ...

From the sound of it, both Jeff wants this to happen as well ... and we are both running for the SN Board, hint ... hint ...

Regardless who gets elected this year, I urge the board to make this happen. I think this a perfect fit with the SN Series and plays to our strengths as a player-friendly organization.
Re: Women's Championships
June 12, 2006 04:39PM
I will support this and help with this in any way that I can.

Re: Women's Championships
June 13, 2006 08:47PM

I bet we could get at least 5-7 from Huntsville alone, add one from Florence :o), 3-4 from Mobile areas, 10-15 from Memphis (But we have to get them to travel! lol), one from Hartselle, 1 or 2 from "Lil Roc", couple from Baton Rouge area and Shreveport...etc. I bet we could get at least 30 and that would be worth it to me! Shoot....15-20 would be worth it! I remember the WNC being around 30 women and that was in it's 2nd year...NOW look at it! :o)

If a dual event was run for the men at a nearby course/city it may help with attendance. I personally don't mind traveling solo but some women may. Especially the ones that are married and enjoy spending disc golf weekends together. Just a thought!

Were you wanting this for this year or next? November is a pretty slow month(and not so cold yet) and usually Feb - April is pretty slow, too.

Keep us posted! :o) But I'm in!

Re: Women's Championships
June 14, 2006 05:49PM
I am working on a possible itinerary and will post details as they become finalized. Here is a very very rough draft of the ideas that I have so far.

Friday afternoon

Dinner for Women and Guests...................5-6pm
Clinics for Women.............................6-7pm
Disc Golf Round 1(Men)........................6-8pm


Disc Golf Round 1 Women ....................10:00am
Disc Golf Round 2 Men.......................10:00am
Disc Golf Round 2 Women .....................1 hour from last card turned in round 1

Skills/Putting Contest Women................4-5pm
Dinner/ Mystery Workshop Women..............5-6:30pm
Mini Golf Tournament Men/Women..............6:30-

Final Nine for all Women divisions..........9:00 am
Lunch/Awards...............................11:00 am

I will be posting some more information as I get it. If someone has some artistic skills and wants to start working on some artwork for the tournament, I am open to view some possibilities. I will work on contacting some of the other leading ladies this weekend for more ideas.

Re: Women's Championships
June 14, 2006 07:51PM
I love it!

Where are you thinking about?? Poplarville?

I love the idea about the dinner/banquet thing and combining awards with lunch. That way people will stay for awards! :o) The putting/skills contests and workshops are great, too. I love anything that invites interaction with other golfers OUTSIDE the competition itself.

This sounds a little bit like what I had in mind down the road with the PDGA offering a "Women's Camp" over a 3 or 4 day weekend that offered workshops/clinics...campfire/bonfire around a putting green or mini golf course...Disc golf DVD night.... Doubles tournament one day and singles the kind of break-up the days. Can you tell I just LOVED camp when I was young? :o) I think it would be a hit! Especially now that some summer camp locations have disc golf baskets/courses on them now. Or even dorms with a course on so many campuses now!

Were you thinking of sanctioning with PDGA as well? That may draw some more women. And possibly having it a USWDGC "qualifier"...meaning a paid entry to the USWDGC....OR get Marshall Street to have it as a qualifier for the MSDGC 2007!! :o) I'd love to play that course!

Keep the thoughts coming!!

Re: Women's Championships
June 15, 2006 10:33PM

I love it. I can do some art work for the tourney, that's not a problem. I'm sure Ashley would love to do some also. Anything I can do to help. I'm just so stoked that there will be divisions to pick from since women really need an advanced. I mean where are we supposed to go when we have out grown ams but can't hang with pro. Either get creamed or cream others right? That truly stinks. Women playing against women where it is a competition that's what i call good golf.
The workshop is a great idea, I know I've been playing for a year and a half and still do some dumb stuff. Pointers from pros would be awesome.

Re: Women's Championships
June 16, 2006 03:31PM
yea i,ve seen you choke a few times ,see ya tommorow, dont choke ;]
Re: Women's Championships
June 19, 2006 09:43PM
hint: look @ texas.

they have a well established, well attended womens championship.
Re: Women's Championships
June 20, 2006 01:32PM
I spent the better part of this weekned talking with Shane about this "women's championships" idea of his and I now have a much better view of the direction this idea is heading in.

It is obvious he has A LOT of ideas running around in his head and he is desperate for a woman's opinion. Unfortunately for Shane I was the only female disc golfer around to bounce ideas off of and I will be the first to admit that my opinions are usually far from most women's. So, as a favor to Shane (and in a small attempt to make up for shooting down about 17 ideas in a row) I am asking for your help.

I think in Shane's mind the tournament is only a part of the weekend. He wants there to be more to the weekend than just competition. He wants women to leave knowing more about their game than they did when they arrived.

So let's hear it ladies. If you were planning a women's only disc golf weekend what would you include? Hand-on workshops on putting, driving, etc? Seminars by a speaker on how to better manage your round? This is your chance to get what you want so let him know.

Re: Women's Championships
June 20, 2006 03:36PM
I think all of that sounds great. Clinics are a must though, for every girl to leave KNOWing they're better golfers, feeling more confident the next time they walk up to that 40 foot putt, and sink it. I have always believed that what you have learned pass it on, especially to the other women/girls. If you can bring a female with you to every tourny you go, show them the ropes, the better these new girls play, the more they get involved, and so on... It's really up to us women who play regularly, to get more girls involved...

Shane you are on the right track, and I know a lot of us agree. So keep me informed what ever you need, let me know. I will help. If I could get some sponsor forms, when all is set, I will get some out in Mobile.

Keep the thoughts comming..

Re: Women's Championships
June 20, 2006 10:24PM

tons of women golfers in tejas...
Re: Women's Championships
June 27, 2006 10:07AM
All right. I am back in town and ready to go. Thanks to Judy for keeping the momentum going. First things First. Here is the working title.....Drum Roll.....

The Petticoat Revolt! Ideas for artwork commence. We are looking for maybe something showing the evolution from the traditional southern bell complete with petticoats transitioning to a hip female discgolfer in shorts and cleats. Oh yeah maybe a top as well :). Get those creative juices flowing. I am thinking about going ahead and printing a bunch to try and raise money for the event.

The mysterious workshop is looking up, but after talking to some of the ladies on tour this week, it may take some sizable investments on our part to get one here. I have several Pro Men who would be willing to help, but I have not given up on the lady pros yet.

Re: Women's Championships
June 27, 2006 05:39PM
I have thought about this all day. I'm sorry Shane, but can we also brainstorm other titles?

The SN Women's Championships is what we are all interested in establishing. The title sounds more professional and I would think that's what we, the women, would like it to be. My first thought was, I won't want to refer to this event every time I promote it as the Petticoat Revolt. Especially if it kicks off and is an annual event. Anyone else agree? Or disagree?

I do ABSOLUTELY LOVE the clinic/workshop/competition ideas you have for this event, Shane. Also, thank you for being so excited with us! I know it will be a wonderful addition to the other SN Championships.

Is there a tentative date/month set? I will talk with Juliana and see if she'd like to attend.

Re: Women's Championships
June 27, 2006 09:28PM
One thing about making it the championships is that it would have to follow the SN guidelines about playing in a previous SN event. That would affect the grass roots feel of getting more women to play/attend. I don't think anyone would want to turn away any women who would want to attend a ladies only event for the first time. I guess the decision needs to be made about who this is for. Is it only for the SN ladies? Or is it for all ladies who would like to come and play an event especially planned for them? Is this an event were the payout is a major factor? Or is it an event that is geared toward helping increase the number of women that are playing and improving existing players' game?

As for the title, of course some brain storming is always welcome. The title came from someone from the female audience and led to some pretty cool disc design ideas. I am always welcoming ideas about this event and welcome help as well..Hint! The disc design could stay the same and the title can go or the whole thing can change. The time line is leaning a little toward spring breakish, so that I can attract some of the female audience from up north. They should be itching to play after being inside all winter. I have a few verbal commitments, but we will have to see. As always the more discussion the better. I will say that my personal feelings are that I want this to be more inclusive than exclusive.

Re: Women's Championships
June 28, 2006 06:07AM
SN Women's Open

Re: Women's Championships
June 29, 2006 10:07AM
If any of you ladies want some good competition, try looking at the Hotlanta tourney in August!!

Check out the pre-reg has been updated and there is now a former World Champ playing in the Women's division!!
Re: Women's Championships
June 30, 2006 03:15PM
Any other ideas out there? The Petticoat Revolt still seems to be in the lead. Artwork, titles, formats, are still in the planning stages. The reality is thought that only 6-12 ladies that would attend are reading this forum. I will try to provide other methods of input via the pdga, a3, texas, and other forums.

Re: Women's Championships
July 02, 2006 06:29PM
I have to agree with Addie and would prefer something like Southern Nationals Women's Championship or SN Women's Open.

Also, while I think that having dinner with everyone and having skills classes would be good, I'd be more interested in just playing a tournament with a bunch of other women with similar skills.

Just my two cents.
Re: Women's Championships
July 04, 2006 11:35AM
Southern Nationals Women Open

I think it sounds great!!! And one that we will be determined to keep going every year!!!

Just my 2 cents,
Re: Women's Championships
July 24, 2006 08:14PM
Hello everyone,
Shane and I spoke at the Doubles Championship this weekend. He asked me to look at this thread because he over heard me speaking to a couple of women about scheduling a women's only tournament. Once, John has time to change the name of the tourney. The date for this tournament will be March 31, 2007. Over the next couple of weeks, I will have the details totally worked out. I was pondering my summer date for this event, but I am also working on a Juniors only tourney. I would like some feed back from the ladies. Would you be interested in having a juniors event on Saturday July 7,2007 and on July 8,2007 have a women's only tourney. I know not all the ladies have children but most I know that play do have children that play. This would allow the women to have two tournaments next year. As far as the championship, I wouldn't mind creating a two day event for this. I want to be honest with everyone that I would like a year maybe in 2008. I would want to bring to the Ladies Championship the same that I brought to the SN Pro Championship. I would expect no less for the ladies.
I do know that I will personally donate $150.00 to the Women's final six and $150 to the AM pay out for the March Tourney. I think Wall Doxey is interested in running a women's only event after speaking to Lyle about having this tournament. I know this is only a one day event but I have learned not to Jump into things to quick. I will work with Shane to try and have a clinic scheduled. Oh yea, The name of the tourney will be The Eagle Crest Women's Cup.

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