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pat hallman
Thank you Dave(gateway)Mccormack
for your sponsorship of 50 discs for the upcoming
WDGA championships. Things are looking great.

EXCELLENT! Thanks GateWay Dave!

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Re: The 2nd Annual WDGA Championships tournament will be held at Budhill in Memphis!
June 21, 2007 01:32AM
Whooo found out tonight WDGA #17 will be able to make it to the I come Memphis...and cannot wait to see all the wonderful girls there.
Dear Beth,WDGA #17,
Great to hear it! Woo-hoo!
Can't wait to meet ya in person.
To All Ladies Coming, We will have a Doubles Friday the 3oth around 5:00pm. I will pre-register as many as I can friday night. Saturday registration from 8:00am- 9:30am. Players meeting soon thereafter. Tee-off around 10:00am.
Players' List

1. Cheryl Eldridge - Intermediate (AM) Women - Georgia
2. Angel Eldridge - Jr. Girls - Georgia
3. Leslie "Zurowski" Easterling - Pro Women - Alabama
4. Michelle "Snap" Cartwright - Pro Women - Alabama
5. Ginger Tannock - Advanced Women - Alabama
6. Melanie Hughes - Advanced Women - Georgia
7. Lori Maxwell - Pro Women - Arkansas
8. Barbara Daniels - Pro Master Women - Tennessee
9. Susan Macaluso - Pro Master Women - Texas
10. Donna Raines - Pro Master Women - Virginia
11. DeAtra Hunter - Pro Master Women - Virginia
12. Beth Corey - Intermediate Women - Alabama
13. Leighan Fisher - Advanced Women - Memphis, TN
14. Tommy Darby - Intermediate (AM) Women - Brunswick, TN
15. Claudia Darby - Jr. Girls - Tennessee
16. Carla Dee Proffitt - Pro Master Women - Texas
17. Stephanie Edwards - Pro Women - Tennessee
18. Madison White - Jr. Girls - Mississippi
19. Lisa Hearn - Pro Master Women - Tennessee
20. Stacey Morris - Pro Master Women - Tennessee
21. Catherine Castleberry - Advanced Women - Louisiana
22. Becky Ferris - Pro Master - Memphis, TN
23. Mary Wagner - Advanced Women - Mississippi
24. Miki McCarty - Pro Women - Alabama
25. Mandy Sharp - Jr. Girls - Mississippi
26. Kat Thompson - Advanced Women - Georgia
Re: The 2nd Annual WDGA Championships tournament will be held at Budhill in Memphis!
June 24, 2007 07:38AM
Where are you "Down South" chicks!?!?!?!?

Why haven't ya'll said anything about this tourny.. We need Support from ya'll..

We always talk about wanting more women to play, so how do we do that??? One way: Play in Womens only events, bring a friend, sponsor a hole..something. I am leaving thursday to head up to Bud Hill, but will wait till friday to leave, if someone wants to catch a ride.

We (scott) have a room booked at the host hotel for two nights, and it's a the more the marrier...Call me..251-391-1704

We're ya'll at ladies....Roll Call


I know I'm missing a bunch...are any of ya'll coming??

Michelle "Snap"

pdga# 30918
wdga# 098
We worked at BUD HILL most of Saturday. The place as usual looks " MARVELOUS".It will be a great time for all you galls no matter how many show up.
Re: The 2nd Annual WDGA Championships tournament will be held at Budhill in Memphis!
June 25, 2007 10:00AM
Thank you so much for all the hard work you guys are putting into this tournament. I am not sure when I will arrive but I will be there. I am getting excited about this now and am ready to play one of my few tournaments...
2nd Annual WDGA Championships Tournament Agenda

Friday: Pre-Registration 5:00pm - 8:00pm
'Pick-Yur-Partner' Doubles 5:30pm - Night Fall (ladies may pick a guy to be their partner)

Saturday: Registration and Sign-In 8:00am - 9:30am
Players Meeting 9:45am
1st Round Tee Off 10:00am
2nd Round Tee Off Approx 1 Hour After Last Card Comes In
Basket Toss Raffle -All Weekend Long- DGA Mach Lite Basket As Prize (open to both genders)

Sunday: 3rd Round Tee Off Promptly At 9:00am
Final 4 or 6 Holes Approx 1 Hour After Last Card Comes In
Award Ceremony Approx 3:00pm
Please note Barbara & Danny Daniels address is (3905 Old-Cuba rd. Memphis, Tn. 38127.) To all of you who have a map program this will get you there. Please call me @ 901-212-0165 and I can give you directions from wherever you are coming.

Click Here For Zoom and Print:

Click Here For Zoom and Print:
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies are
ready for the 2nd Annual
WDGA Championships.
Thanks Cheryl for all your hard work
How about fireworks Pattycake?
We have a great volunteer as 'scorekeeper' for the junior division.
My friend Mark Cannon has generously stepped up. Great guy.
We may need a couple more 'scorekeepers' once we get our
total number of players.

Divisions will stay together throughout the
entire Championships.

Divisions are:

Pro Women
Pro-Master Women
Advanced Women
Intermediate Women
Junior Girls <16

Mike and Jason are running the basket toss raffle.
The object:
There will be a DGA mach lite
disc golf basket placed in a strategic
position at Bud Hill. There will be a
circle painted on the ground around the
basket. From a temporary t-box, you will
throw a specified disc toward the basket.
If the discs lands and stays inside the
circle, you receive a raffle ticket.
Throws are $2 each. On Sunday, a ticket
will be drawn. If the numbers on the drawn
ticket match your ticket, you take home the
basket. "Must Be Present At Time Of Drawing
To Win"

See ya there!!
I haven't contacted anyone about the sponsorship yet. I figured we would go ahead with the tournament and get in touch with someone afterwards about where to send the money. But, if you need me to contact you beforehand, I don't have a problem with it at all. Just let me know!
Thanks for what you do for women in the sport of Disc Golf!
Hey Sherry,
You can send the sponsorship to Barbara Daniels if you would.
I am leaving my house on wednesday morning headed that way.
Let me know if you need her address.
Thank you so much for your generous sponsorship.
Directions to BUD HILL Disc Golf Course in Millington, Tennessee

Follow your map to Nashville. Take I-40 West until you get to exit 25/hwy 385.
Bear off to your right and follow signs to Millington. Follow to the end of the road
approx 15 miles, to Hwy 51. Take a right to get to the WDGA host
hotel. (To get to BUD HILL) Turn left heading South on Hwy 51.
Go to the fourth traffic light (approx 8-9 miles). This is the intersection of Hwy 51 & Watkins-
(big intersection traffic light). Turn right onto Watkins. Go approx 3 miles.
You will cross over Loosahatchie Rivera (long bridge). Once you've crossed
the bridge take your 1st left - Northaven Road.
Go to the stop sign. Turn left on Circle Road. At the next stop sign turn left
onto Benjestown Road. This is a curvy road. Go approx 1 mile. Watch for
the sign that says Bud Hill. Barbara & Danny's house will be on your right.
Turn on the gravel road next to their house. Follow the gravel road around
the house and up the hill to the Bud Hill club house. Park in the area near
the club house.
You can reach the Course Owners,
Danny and Barbara Daniels at:
901-358-0418 or 901-461-1250
3905 Old-Cuba-Benjestown Road
Memphis, Tn. 38127
Hi Ladies,
I am leaving for Memphis today. I will be away
from my pc until Monday. If you need to reach me,
please call my cell phone at 404-538-0105. Leave
a voice mail please.
I look forward to meeting all of you.
See you Friday or Saturday at the HILL.

Join the Women's Disc Golf Association!
203 members as of November 18th, 2007.
We Have Surpassed Our Goal: 200 members by December 25th, 2007
2nd Annual WDGA Championships' Host Hotel: Super 8 in Millington, TN.
15 minutes from Bud Hill Disc Golf Course.
Call Phone: 901-873-1111
Super 8 Motel - Millington
7925 Highway 51 North
Navy Road and Highway 51
Millington, TN, 38053 US

Phone: 901-873-1111
Fax: 901-873-1111

- Free Continental Breakfast
- Free High Speed Internet


1 From The North
Take I55 South to 155 towards Dyerburg. 51 South about 70 miles to Millington. Motel is located on the right.
2 From The South
Take I-55 North to Exit 2A to Millington. Take 51North about 10 miles, motel is located on the left.
3 From The East
Take I-40 E. Cross over the River. Take first Exit Danny Thomas North wihich turns into 51. Go approximately 14 Miles. Motel is located on the left.
4 From The West
Take I-40 West to Exit 25. Then take Exit 24 to the Service Road. 385 West Millington. Right onto 51. Go 2 blocks, motel is on the left.
5 From Memphis Airport
Airport Road to 240 West then 240 North. Exit 2A to 51. Motel is located 10 miles on the left.
Hello. My name is Angel Eldridge. My Mom is Cheryl
Eldridge. My Mom is not doing well right now. Her
Daddy passed away. She is distraught. I am letting
you know she will be back working the wdga when
she she is feeling better. I know she is supposed to
be mailing out all the discs from the tournamnet to the
ones of you who bought them. Be patient with her please.
Thank you. From Angel Eldridge
This is my Grandfather Roy Charles Wade
in his casket. He was buried on Monday.

Re: The 2nd Annual WDGA Championships tournament will be held at Budhill in Memphis!
July 14, 2007 05:50AM
So sad..*Big Hugs* We will pray for you and you're family. Cheryl, you are a great and wonderful person. Be strong and peace will come to you. If ya'll need anything, please don't be scared to ask..

Michelle "Snap"

pdga# 30918
wdga# 098
Re: The 2nd Annual WDGA Championships tournament will be held at Budhill in Memphis!
July 16, 2007 02:15PM
Now that has to be the stangest post ever seen,sorry for your loss.
Re: The 2nd Annual WDGA Championships tournament will be held at Budhill in Memphis!
July 17, 2007 02:13AM
Angel and Cheryl,

I am sorry for your loss though I know you were expecting it. I know how hard it is to accept that. Prayers are with your family. It was wonderful meeting you at the championships. If you need any help let me know. I will be thinking and praying for you.

Beth Corey
Re: The 2nd Annual WDGA Championships tournament will be held at Budhill in Memphis!
August 07, 2007 10:08PM
2nd Annual WDGA Championships Results

Tournament Directors: Cheryl Eldridge & Pat Hallman

Dates: 06/30/2007 - 07/01/2007

Attendance: 24

Event Value: $1,995

Pro Women

Place Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Total Winnings* Points

1st Lori Maxwell 57 56 60 173 $253.00 6

2nd Miki McCarty 56 61 57 174 $153.00 5

3rd Leslie Easterling 57 57 61 175 $28.00 4

4th Michelle Cartwright 60 57 61 178 $20.00 3

5th Megan Folasrd 63 57 60 180 $20.00 2

Pro Master Women

Place Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Total Winnings* Points

1st Tammy Kleminsky 63 62 61 186 $253.00 7

2nd Stacey Morris 60 67 62 189 $90.50 5

2nd Donna Raines 64 64 61 189 $90.50 5

4th Becky Farris 64 64 65 193 $20.00 4

5th Barbara Daniels 76 80 81 237 $20.00 3

6th Lisa Hearn 65 62 127 $20.00 2

Advanced Women

Place Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Total Winnings* Points

1st Carla Proffit 57 58 58 173 $228.00 6

2nd Melanie Hughes 61 59 58 178 $153.00 5

3rd Ginger Tannock 59 61 60 180 $28.00 4

4th Jenny Ables 61 59 62 182 $20.00 3

5th Leighan Fischer 0 $20.00 2

Intermediate Women

Place Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Total Winnings* Points

1st Beth Corey 67 67 64 198 $168.00 6

2nd Madison White 66 69 67 202 $108.00 5

3rd Tommy Darby 66 69 69 204 $28.00 4

4th Cheryl Eldridge DNF $20.00 2

5th Mary Wagner DNF $20.00 2

Junior Girls <16

Place Name Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Total Winnings* Points

1st Mandy Sharp 72 74 67 213 $103.00 4

2nd Angel Eldridge 74 75 69 218 $78.00 3

3rd Claudia Darby 101 101 97 299 $53.00 2

Join the Women's Disc Golf Association!
203 members as of November 18th, 2007.
We Have Surpassed Our Goal: 200 members by December 25th, 2007
I wish I could have been there but after three weeks on the road vacationing with a three week old baby, I was ready to get out of the car for awhile. I made the first year in Atlanta and had a great time. Cheryl and Mike are the best. It was definitely southern hospitality at it's finest. You ladies who haven't joined the WDGA yet really need to. The membership packet is great. Cheryl promises when the 200-member goal is reached, there will be personalized minis for all. The first 100 members got them and she is waiting for the next 100 mark.
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