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Divisions of play

Posted by brianlmoon 
Divisions of play
February 13, 2008 02:26PM
According to the guidelines, we don't limit an age/div combo.
# 1.4 Amateur Divisions: Amateur players compete for trophies and/or prizes.

   1. (1.4.1) Advanced: The top amateur division.

   2. (1.4.2) Amateur: An amateur division for players who have developed basic skills
      and/or have tournament experience.

   3. (1.4.3) Novice: an amateur division for beginning players.

   4. (1.4.4) Juniors (under 16): an amateur division for players less than 16 years
      of age on the date the tournament ends.

   5. (1.4.5) Amateur divisions combining age restrictions and amateur skill levels:
      Examples would include Advanced Master, Amateur Grand Master and Novice Senior
      Grand Master.

Do we want to revise that? Is there a reason to offer Senior Grandmaster Intermediate if 5 60 year old guys show up? IMO, the PDGA (yeah, I said it) has this right at this time. The only age protected amatuer divisions are Advanced.

Also, our guidelines say that Juniors are 16 and under only but, we have actually booked some under 19 Junior stats in the results. So, which is it? Again, the PDGA offers 4 levels of Juniors, < 19, 16, 13, 10.


Brian Moon
SNDG Webmaster
Re: Divisions of play
February 28, 2008 08:13PM
What does it hurt to offer SGI? The only way I see it happening is three real old buddies decide to pay in a tournament. I would limit them to two rounds only on Saturday.
Re: Divisions of play
September 09, 2008 09:24AM
To the BOD:

First, thank you for volunteering your time to serve our sport. As a youth service organization volunteer myself, I fully recognize the sacrifices you make for all of us. And, thanks for giving us the opportunity to give input, so here goes!

After spending time in the Masters division and hearing the criticism about it, I'm in agreement with those who suggest change should be considered to balance cost/payout ratios and also aleviate the headache of ordering trophies and awards (turnout - the great unknown variable).

I recommend having only one Masters category, beginning at age 50. From my limited experience, I've not noticed much of a physical difference between the younger and older players. Offer Intermediate, Advanced, and Open divisions only, just as in the Men's category.

Thanks for considering.

Randy Sharp
Tupelo, MS
Re: Divisions of play
September 09, 2008 07:12PM
Not much of a physical difference? Get a load of these the three 65+ year olds below. Ancient eh? ;-)

The three of us usually ride together and usually play Sr. GM Open if it is offered.

And don't forget you'll be there someday.

Re: Divisions of play
September 09, 2008 09:11PM
I dunno Joe. Looks like you guys could fling a frisbee with the kids and hold your own! I hope I'm doing as good at 65. I'm 3/4 of the way there!
Re: Divisions of play
September 10, 2008 01:31AM
2 master divisions,, AM and PRO

if they are in between AM and PRO skills, then play ADV men or AM men.

Terry Zeringue
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