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SN Board Suggestion Box

Posted by John K 
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
November 04, 2003 07:00PM
hmmm, i have many SN plaques and "points discs" that all say Advanced Masters (even some from BR events...)

no big... though...

(s'up willybt)
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
November 05, 2003 09:28AM
Someone upthread (I don't feel like looking) suggested that master aged players who are new to the game should simply sign up in AM or NOV. This seems reasonable. I don't think that younger am players have an unfair advantage in this situation.

The players who will dominate these divisions will continue to be either sand baggers waiting to be forced to move up, or new talents who have blossomed during the course of the season. This is the way it's alays been.
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
November 11, 2003 04:46PM
All or half of the Doubles Tournaments money goes to the New Southern National Doubles Championships.

Just a suggestion.

Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
November 12, 2003 12:57PM
With all of these tournaments and new courses,how will the southern nationals keep up with this growing sport? will it fall into a pdga thing like a-tier/b-tier events? I do not know what i am talking about,that is why i am asking.Thre are alot of courses to host tournaments but only 52 weeks in a year.Tallahassee may very well be one of the newest stop,pensacola WILL be another stop besides Blue Angel. just a question worth looking at. maybe already brought up..I just missed it. thanks
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
November 19, 2003 03:52PM
:::tap tap tap::: Is this thing on??

1. Final Clarification including website listing of where the Southern National Tournaments money goes. Put who the money goes to. Who a check needs to be made out to. Give the address of where it goes. That could easily be put on to the side of the Front of the website I would think. I know Bob sometimes lists it in a random Forum but if it was on the website, I am sure that would help Bob out.

2. Make some decisions about the new Southern National Doubles Tournament. Does the Tournament stand on its on or do you want to implement a rule where all Doubles Tournament $2 a head during the year goes to this Tourney? Doesn't really make a difference to me but it's an idea.

3. Perhaps take out an ad...using Southern National funds from Bob..and list all the upcoming Tournaments for 2004 at Disc Golf World News.

Ok no one respond to this because this is just a suggestion Box. I will list it in the main Forum.
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
November 19, 2003 08:42PM
Do we really need a Doubles Championship???
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
November 20, 2003 09:24AM
i like the idea of a doubles championship.

doubles is (to me) more fun than regular singles events. just my opinion.

a series of SN doubles events leading up to a SN Doubles Finals seems like the next logical step in SN growth. the location of the finals should rotate to other courses to eliminate ongoing home field advantage.

just opine'n'

-- as far as DGWN advertising, mentioned in this and other threads... that would be a waste of SN revenue, imho.
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 02, 2004 08:57AM
Yes Zinger we really need a doubles championship!
They're probley now 10 to 15 courses in the south who are quality enough to host a championship of some sort. But there only so many of them to go around. It's golf and it's fun. I don't mean to have a SN adv championship at some course by itself but the championships we have now are awsome and well diserved. A new tourny format would be Southern National Invitational. Inviting 15 to 20 players from each division from all over the south to play in a weekend tourny with mega sponsors this would be a bid on type tourny that you would have to commit to payouts during the bidding process.For example: Wildcat Trace offers 5000 payout to top third pros.
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 02, 2004 01:06PM
So how much of the $2/trny will go to this "SN Doubles Championship"?
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 02, 2004 01:21PM
How about all the $2 money from all the SN doubles tourneys???
All the money from the singles play should go to the SNC's where you're playing singles. All the dubs ca$h should go towards dubs play.
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 02, 2004 01:43PM
I suggested that a while back Jabba but got no response. :D We can't even gather all the singles money in one place. Just think of the hassle it would be to cull out the doubles money! :O
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 02, 2004 02:31PM
Well I think that this needs to be voted on by the people, not the board. We should wait a year for the doubles thing so we all have time to vote on it. At each tournament, but let people fill in, or write down yes or no, then someone count them, then call the closest board member to tell them, and so on, then we can have a count of who all wants this.
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 02, 2004 03:12PM
I vote that Zinger plays with Bob Satter in the SN Doubles Championship in the Novice girls Division! ;)

See you in May...and July and November Zinger!

Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 02, 2004 08:30PM
well at least we might cash :O)
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 02, 2004 10:09PM
as I said earlier , zinger- little chocolate cake
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 03, 2004 01:47AM
Zack, don't forget the cream-filled center! ;)
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 04, 2004 04:12PM
Now how do you suggest the Board handles you guys? ;)
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 06, 2004 11:23AM
Just like Sister Mary in school.
Whip out the ruler and knock some knuckles.
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 08, 2004 07:43PM
Changing topics. I have a suggesion that I believe would help two areas. I think it would be an excellant idea to keep up with city standings throughout the year. It would be something entirly different that should improve tournament turn outs.

As each tournament is held, players would sign up as usually. You would add to the signup sheet (City). Points could then be awarded to each city represented. You could give each city 2 pionts for having at least one rep. and then points for top three in all Pro and Advance divisions. This would help a second problem. Ams would be more encouraged to move up to advance. If they are good enough to place and earn points for their home town, they will probably move up more quickly. Then beginners would move up more quickly also. You could then check out city stats and well, hey there's all kinds of things you could do. Plus at the end of each season, you would have a (Champion City) type of Award. That city would have bragging rights for a year. If you wonder what kind of an effect it would have on a tournament, check out the forum on the blue angel where we tried to have a city vs city competition. 180 messages. That tournament had terrible weather conditions and still 86 people showed up.

As far as smaller cities go, well you could do a ranking like with the player stats, or even make each city adopt neighboring counties into their team.

I think it's a neat idea. I myself am only an AMS player for the moment. But I know that as soon as a course I play alot hosted a tournament and I could score points for my city's team. I'd move up, then probably be stuck there.
What ya'll think??????????

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Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 09, 2004 02:24AM
Byron,, I like that idea, maybe only the out-of-town golfers at tournaments get points. This would intice more traveling to tournaments to get your city some points.
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 09, 2004 05:47AM
We need a sticky thread for lost and found discs. one where the pages roll off after every ten to be archivied. just a thought lots of lost discs
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 09, 2004 06:12AM
Great idea! I'll mention this at our next Board meeting. Maybe the top city could have first dibs on getting to throw the SN Championships the next year?

Keep your thoughts coming!
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 09, 2004 09:42AM
it would seem the criteria for hosting the SN chmps would be the club that offers the most benefits? (& meets the course # requirements) rather than attendance over a season...

or, to make the chmps REALLY move around, set a 5 yr shedule of the host cities and EVERYONE, regardless of where they are from, step up & help those cities...

that way the towns with smaller clubs (but enough courses to pull it off) would each have the opportunity to be the host course?

i guess it boils down to the # of courses in a city.

just thoughts.
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 09, 2004 03:51PM
It's(chmp hosts) gotta rotate, whatever the set up is determined to be....anything else would be UNCIVILIZED!!

The key is to develop a rotation which all can agree on(yikes!! therein lies the issue at hand!!) Griff
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 09, 2004 05:14PM

I think it would either way. If everyone scored points on their home courses they still would only be tied with everyone else in the South. The only thing I could say would be unfair would be if a city has 5 course like Mobile and Pensacola only had one home course. The problem could be easily fixed by limited each city to only two tournments a year that would count toward the City play offs. Everyone would do well at the two hosted by their own city. The deciding factor would still be who traveled for points.

Thanks, I really hope you guys can find a way to start this for the new season in June.
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 09, 2004 06:16PM
Ok guys. Scratch the idea of the Champ. site. But talk about Byron's thoughts.
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 14, 2004 12:49PM
I suggest that you all check out some of the thoughts in the (2004 season "city vs. city?") forum. Please consider the idea at least.
Thank you much,
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 15, 2004 10:32AM
I think the idea of creating a "points" race based on a solid formula to determine a team championship is an excellent way of expanding the already formidable existence of "city pride" in SN. As Byron knows, I have already offered what I believe to be a fairly equitable formula for determining points.

On the other hand, I think linking the this points race to SN championship hosting is emphatically not a good idea for reasons almost too numerous to mention (but I'll hit a few highlights):

1) Even the most equitable system of awarding points will shaft someone, which in turn will lead to recrimination, second guessing and hostility. The idea is to have fun with a points race.

2) Hosting a championship event is a big deal replete with course, sponsorship, logistical and personnel challenges. An apt analogy would be to let the baseball player with the most All-Star games on a team also serve as team general manager each year.

Let's promote both, but let's keep 'em separate.

Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 15, 2004 02:51PM
I agree with Chris. Griff
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 16, 2004 10:31AM
Hey board, how about in order for John to put the tournament on the schedule, he MUST also receive some info about the tournament (entry fee, #rnds). Mainly entry fees.
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