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SN Board Suggestion Box

Posted by John K 
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 16, 2004 11:40AM
It hasn't been that much of a problem, the majority of TDs are great about getting me the info. Some of the tournaments are scheduled pretty far in advance. I usually look a couple months ahead and contact the td requesting info if I don't have it at that point. Most of the tds realize the turnout for the tournament especially the out-of-towners is based upon getting the info out to the players. I've recently made a word document that asks for all the info. I'll be sending that out to all the tds...

John k
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 16, 2004 11:20PM
Great job John,, thanks for the response.
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
January 27, 2004 04:21PM
just keep it simple !! keep it fun !! and they will come and play !! when fun becomes to much like work,it's not fun any more!!
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 17, 2004 09:28AM
I have told JimO that Blakeley State Park has $$$ and wants to know how to spend it. PUT IN A DISC GOLF COURSE!!! JUST TO LET YALL KNOW. IT MAY PAY OFF....GOOD LUCK!
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 22, 2004 08:16AM
Mike U,

Please send me your email address. I have some info for you concerning Blakeley!

Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 22, 2004 09:48AM
We have approached Blakeley State park before and the woman in charge was not interested but we have heard that she retired so maybe it is time to try again. BUD
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 22, 2004 09:21PM
I sent a request letter to them today. I'll let you know what I hear, if anything. Thanks for the tip!
Wall Doxey State Park
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 24, 2004 08:49PM
Addie and Mike U,
If you need our support with this adventure just have them contact us at Wall Doxey. Our number is 662 - 252 - 4231.
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 25, 2004 02:08PM
Let's have a disc golfer take over!!!

Historic Fort Blakeley, Alabama


Click here for detailed job description
For an application or to submit your resume' and references, please write:

Historic Blakeley State Park

RE: Director's Position

P.O. Box 7279 

Spanish Fort, AL 36577 

Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 25, 2004 07:11PM
Thanks Benny! I sent them a letter and then I sent ANOTHER with the article about the tournament in LA. I made reference to Jim Orum because he's from Mobile and that may help. We'll see. I would like them to have input from other state parks. That sounds like a good idea.

Wouldn't that be great?! If a disc golfer doesn't apply for the job then we can work on recruting them! :o) We could do the "Kevin Bacon" game and tell them that some way or another they are related to a disc golfer! LOL
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 25, 2004 07:21PM
tee-hee ... I have half a mind to apply and change my corner of the world forever.

Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 26, 2004 02:27PM
John, could we have all tourney results post , not only the player rankings, but the cash payout for Pros'?
I'm going back to last years event's and can't find any $ payouts for the tourney's I attended.
Would be very helpful at Tax time. thanks,
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 26, 2004 04:40PM
have we decided how we are going to vote for board members?

I would assume that the voting process will take longer than most people think since not everybody has internet or comes to this site.
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 26, 2004 09:43PM
Tom - Last year I started asking for the payout about halfway through the year to try and help get the TDs used to sending that info as well so we could have a complete record this year. The TDs this year have done a great job getting me all the info (thank you). No way to back track the payout so last years are about half and half.

Zinger - the board hasn't decided a voting process yet but we encourage any suggestion from the SN community as to the best way to accomplish replacing board members.
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 27, 2004 07:28AM
Re: voting

Make it is as easy and as wide open as possible. Board members should serve one- or two-year terms with the term of office coinciding not with the end of the SN tour year but after the respective championships (to help provide continuity). If the terms are two years, you might also want to consider staggering the terms so that the entire board does not turn over and leave a void in leadership while the new bunch climbs the learning curve.

Voting can be done anytime between the end of the SN tour year through the championships. Early returns will be held in confidence by the SN secretary until the end of the voting period. Votes can be submitted on-line, by telephone, e-mail or by snail mail.

Replacement of officers who need to leave should be done by a majority of the serving board members and should, perhaps, start by taking into consideration leading vote getters from the previous election process. The replacements serve through the end of the term of the board member they are replacing.


Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 27, 2004 09:11AM
Since the Southern Nationals has no Membership, my suggestion is to get a list of people who are interested in being Board Members.

Then the only people who have voting rights would be the following people.

1. Current Board Members
2. Past Board Members who either step down or are voted out.
3. Treasuer
4. Jim Orum
5. All TD's of every tournament in the past year. John K, can send each an E-mail with the people who are eligible or contact them somehow and give them two weeks to get there vote in.

To me, that's the only realistic way to vote when you have no real membership. You should know exactly who all these people are and know that they are involved in the SN's.

Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 27, 2004 10:08AM
I would submit that voting rights in SN should come with the purchase of a SN bagtag.

Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 27, 2004 10:25AM
Absolutely, Chris.....Membership SHOULD have its priveleges!!!! And buying a tag shows interest in the SN....the bottom line is those who want to vote, will vote and those that don't won't!! Just like the REAL DEAL!! Griff
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 27, 2004 11:29AM
Brad, your idea to me isn't a good one. The board was put in place to take the weight off of Jim in making decisions. These dicisions will affect all of the SN community. If the decisions will affect all of the SN community, then why have only those people you mention to vote?

I think the end date for voting should be May 31. This way the votes can have time to be added up so the winners can be announced at the SNDGC's. The nominations and stuff can start around the beginning of Jan. Voting can begin around March.

I wonder if John can make another field in the STATS page. Next to the names, maybe he can have a box that he can check off to show who voted and who didn't, this to insure people don't vote more than once. At each trny from, lets say, March 1 to May 31 have ballots. Whenever a player signs up, ask them if they want a ballot. Have him/her fill it out and put their name on it and turn it in. The TD of the tournament would them send the ballots to the nearest board member.
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 27, 2004 12:44PM
There's gotta be a way to do it because i.e. when you vote on a fotball/baseball team web-site it shows you the pending results....if you try to vote again it tells you that you've already voted on x date.

Seems we could work this into our website.....and that will give everyone a shot at a vote as the voting period could be like 90 days--giving everyone an opportunity to access the web from somewhere and vote!! Just a thought....Griff
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 27, 2004 12:44PM
No sorry. My idea is the best.

Brad :)
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 28, 2004 06:15AM
how will the canidates be nominated? By the existing board members or what? The best voting process is the online idea. you can't ask a TD to be responsible for a bunch of election ballots. It's hard enough getting the results together and turned in.IT's not very hard to create a web poll. and that would make the election fair and square.
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 28, 2004 10:55AM
zack,, some of the SN players have never even been to this website. How would that be fair?
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
February 29, 2004 04:00AM
that is why I return to my original suggestion ... make it as easy to vote as possible with the ability to vote on-line, by e-mail, by mail in, by calling the board secretary ...

I agree that having the TDs responsible for keeping track of paper ballots and making them responsible for sending them in is not appropriate ... those guys and gals have enough to do without worrying about that at "crunch time."

That doesn't mean that any board member attending a tournament couldn't come with a bunch of paper ballots, make an announcement during the player's meeting and set up shop at lunchtime and/or before the awards ceremony so that people could vote. If you employ Griff's idea of keeping tabs on the voters and give the board members administrative access to that on-line data, they could print out the current list to take with them to the tournament, then update it when they got home. That would help spread the load and allow SN members to vote in a variety of ways over an extended period.

I agree that cutting the voting off at the end of the SN season makes more sense than my original suggestion in terms of being able to make the announcement at SNDGC ... but I still say you could have your cake and eat it too if you give the players a last chance to vote at the championships, right up through the awards ceremony ... those tournaments do, afterall, bring most of our players together. There is no reason it should take even the most disorganized organization three months ballots ... if that process can't be done with the surety of correctness by adding the ballots collected at SNDGC to the ones previously collected, then the vote ain't worth much.

Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
March 01, 2004 01:44PM
This is 2004...anyone and EVERYONE has access to the internet. If they'd take time to mail in a ballot...they can probably find access to a computer....library, kinko's, etc., etc.

I DO believe a paper ballot should be given as needed....but the member should have to request a ballot in writing(a list could be maintained--then no bogus Florida voting)....that would limit the headache for whomever has to keep up with the voting....otherwise use the net!!

Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
March 01, 2004 02:06PM
You got no members so votes aren't valid. Memphis Disc Golf Club has memebrs. Members vote. Pdga hs members. Members vote. etc.

If you got no members than the way I suggested is the way to go. hahahaha

Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
March 01, 2004 03:02PM
Once again:

I would submit that voting rights in SN should come with the purchase of a SN bagtag.

Anything about that hard to understand?

Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
March 01, 2004 03:21PM
Heck...I'm justa dim bulb.....I assumed a tag meant "membership" or at least voting rights....

IF IT DOES NOT, then what say YOU, BOARD??? Make it so!!!

Then we'd have no problems deciphering eligible voters...

Like the say, "if one might only 'assume' one risks makin' an a$$ out of 'u' and 'me'!!! Griff
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
March 02, 2004 05:38AM
I don't believe that you would find 1% of the SN disc golf world who would be upset for voting online for board members. people who don't use this board could probely care less who the board members are to begin with. most are just out for a fun day of golf and could care less about the business end of the disc golf world. Heck, do both mail in and on line. If that don't cover it then it can't be covered. Surely everyone has a mailbox or a post office.
Re: SN Board Suggestion Box
March 02, 2004 11:12AM
Yep..that was pretty much where I was comin' from....Griff
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