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Minutes 10/27/10

Posted by lesliez 
Minutes 10/27/10
October 27, 2010 09:55PM
8:05 pm

Members: Marc Darby, Leslie Easterling, Josh Lenox, Kevin Richard

Board Members Attendance
* We will be contacting Justin about his position
* See if he could connect over phone, since he no longer has internet access

Bag Tags
*Money Collected:
-$560 from Jim Orum
-$380 from Memphis
* Tags in circulation
- Keith Bodin had 10 and sold all 10 (he didn't know where to send the money--- tag money goes to Josh Lenox)
- Bill McCarty bought 2 and received 10 to sell. He has sold 1.
- Danny Daniels had 10 and has sold 2.
* Total money collected for tags so far= $940

Financials Updated
In Bank $5817.57
* Bag Tags $940
* 20 events paid this year
* $4877.57 in event money
- minus the trophy check from last year (hasn't gone through yet)
- about $4000 or so in collections & left over money from last year from events
- about $500 BOD money

Division Breakdown
* Twice a year Josh goes through tournament by tournament recording how many players played in each division. That gives us Pro/Am breakdown and divisional breakdown.

*Private section will become visable, just not readable without approval (passes 4-0)
- Can see there is a section called "Private Forum" but it will say "you don't have permission to access this"
- must have approval to post or read
* Guidelines for Posting
- Guidlines will be enforced for posting on forum (4-0)
- They will be posted for all to access
* If a guideline is voilated the post will be sent to "admin" to wait board discussion/vote on whether to delete.
* Repeat offenders will be banned for a period of time.
* We voted 3-1 to take out guideline on posting of private messages and emails to forum

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Re: Minutes 10/27/10
October 27, 2010 10:01PM
SN Discussion Board Rules – Posting any of the following will result in possible deletion of your post or transferring to the private forum:

1. Profanity (including creative misspellings & keystrokes to circumvent the profanity filter)

2. Physical threats against other members (obvious or veiled)

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Re: Minutes 10/27/10
October 28, 2010 10:12AM
Thanks for all the info, it is appreciated!!

So far we have collected $940 for 47 bag tags sold. Have an additional 13 sold but not collected and 17 more available.

At this point we have sold 60 bag tags. Hopefully we will sell more bag tags between now and the end of the year. I know based on past experience that very few are sold after the 1st of the year. We still have a ways to go just to match the 139 sold/collected for last year. I know part of the problem is getting the tags into the hands of TDs who run tournaments so they can outright sell them or even use them as prizes.

The tags are a great way to generate money for the SNPC and hopefully some new and clever ways of promoting and selling the tags can be thought up. I know this has been a challenge not just this year but previous years as well. Getting good contact information for the TDs that run SN tournaments is a good step because when it's all said and done TDs are the backbone of the SN. So thank a TD and buy a SN bag tag!!

Thanks for the work the SN Board is doing....

JOhn k
Re: Minutes 10/27/10
October 28, 2010 12:14PM
John...I am keeping a spreadsheet of the bag tags...when additional info is available let me know.

I appreciate the update...THANKS!
Re: Minutes 10/27/10
October 28, 2010 02:09PM
Seems to be quite the productive meeting

Way to step it up Board Members

Re: Minutes 10/27/10
November 02, 2010 07:49PM
Thanks a lot for the work you are doing. I really appreciate the time and effort that is being put forth on behalf of the SN by each of you.

Many of you are aware of the issue that I had with the reading of the rule concerning age requirements to play Masters. Could you please update the rule on the SN site to make it more clear as to the difference between season and year. If necessary use some examples to make it easy for TDs to understand.

Respectfully yours,


Transparency of information breeds self correcting behavior!
Re: Minutes 10/27/10
November 02, 2010 07:52PM
Good call Shane... glad you reminded us.

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