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Suggestions on diisqualifing a player.

Posted by jcb 
Suggestions on diisqualifing a player.
October 14, 2013 12:54PM
After I ran the Tishomingo Fall Classic this weekend I was contacted by one of the board members telling me that the winner of the Intermediate division was disqualified because he had won a tournament in Advanced a couple of months back. I contacted the person who was disqualified and told him he would have to return all of his winnings and I explained the reason why. He told me that he will return the plaque because he has gave away all of his $84 in winnings and that I would only be getting the plaque back.

Well since this is happening like this I will now be out that money plus all the other money it is gonna take me to adjust all the winnings. It will cost me roughly $140, not to mention what it will cost me to ship these winnings to these 10 people who cashed in that division. I feel bad for the other people who were eligible for that division because it robbed them out of winnings.

As the td I will have to make all this up on my own and I believe this is very wrong in every way. How am I suppose to know if every player is eligible to play in a certain division? We, as tds, do not have the time to look up every individual who signs up for our tournaments to see if people are eligible.Even if I wanted to check on players, the tournament I ran was in a place where getting cell service is sketchy at best so I would probably not been able to look in the first place. As a td it should not be our responsibility to police this. I think the SN has failed big time when it comes to this. We need a ratings system in place so things like this does not happen anymore and costs people like myself money out of my own pocket. Why not take it out of the SN's pocket because the system that is currently in place has caused failure.

This will make me question on whether to even run anymore SN events. The PDGA has a ratings system to prevent such failures from happening. I think it is time for the board to get off their butts and do something about this!
Re: Suggestions on diisqualifing a player.
October 14, 2013 02:30PM
The SN rules do not require a TD to incur any of the costs you referred to. Just don't. Ratings would be no better cause access is the issue. A better site would help, but only if the TD has time and access.
Re: Suggestions on diisqualifing a player.
October 14, 2013 02:39PM
There was no need to adjust the winnings of every player, In this situation, the disqualified player should return his winnings or $84 to the TD and his plaque and have his points removed. The rest of the players points and winnings should remain the same, only the place they finished should be adjusted up in the results. I am sorry this happened to you, but the blame falls on the player, not the BOD. We simply enforced a rule that has been in place since the start of this series.

Team Soaring South
Ryan Niccolini PDGA#55907
Re: Suggestions on diisqualifing a player.
October 14, 2013 02:42PM
My thoughts on the issue...

If the player in question can either pay for the prizes in cash ($84) or in disc value (roughly 5 Champ or equivalent disc and 1 DX or equivalent) to James. Then I would suggest a firm warning to the player and an explanation of the 4 event rule. If the player refuses to pay back what He won, then I would suggest a very lengthy suspensions or possible banishment.

As far as the ratings go, I was on the BOD the last couple of years and although many players would like a rating system, they do not want to pay for it through SN Funds or extra SN Fees. I still don't understand why that is an issue, as it would make thing way better for the SN. We tried the free route for ratings last year and it didn't work out, but what it did show was that almost the entire SN was playing either at their rating or above it going by PDGA standards. Also We did set up to have ratings through the same guys that do PDGA's last year, we had plan set up to pay for it and was ready vote it in when the PDGA BOD basically told those guys that they could not do Our ratings and Theirs. So unless the current PDGA BOD is willing to let those guys do Our ratings now... It is going to have to be done through another source.
Re: Suggestions on diisqualifing a player.
October 14, 2013 03:19PM
It is up to the Bod to issue punishment to the bagger and the other players to call out the disqualified to the TD before payout.
Re: Suggestions on diisqualifing a player.
October 14, 2013 08:10PM
I agree. The player should have to return $84 worth of plastic or send the TD $84 cash. I hope if this does not happen the said player will be banned from playing in SN tournaments indefinitely
Re: Suggestions on diisqualifing a player.
October 15, 2013 07:04AM
I hope the guy returns the $84 in prizes as well. But I bet you he don't. Did Brad Hammick? nope.....Will be hard to ban him from playing events as well. That will be the TD's discretion ( if the TD even knows tha the guy is banned from play). Not everybody reads this forum.
Re: Suggestions on diisqualifing a player.
October 15, 2013 07:33AM
It is on the player now.

HyZer Nation
Re: Suggestions on diisqualifing a player.
October 15, 2013 07:52AM
Does all players that play in the SN get on the website? All Novice? Intermediate? If not, how can all players know the rules on division qualifications? Most players hear about the pdga and read rules on that website,,, which has ratings. If newer players in the SN is not aware of the divisional rules, then how can the SN blame the players for not knowing?

I'm not saying this was the case for this person because i do not know him nor his SN history, but the majority of INT players go to tournaments by word of mouth, not the SN website.

Terry Zeringue
Re: Suggestions on diisqualifing a player.
October 15, 2013 08:15AM
I do know Adam has played in many tournaments and should have known the rules before he signed up. It's not like he is a new golfer by any means. I understand some players do not know all the rules but in this case I believe he clearly knew. He told me he just wanted to play stress free so I guess playing in the wrong division was his way of doing that. He actually thought it was funny when I talked with him yesterday and I will not tolerate this at any event I run. I did tell him that he is not welcome at any other tournament that I td because of the way he has disrespected me and the other players who did play in the right division.
Re: Suggestions on diisqualifing a player.
October 15, 2013 01:36PM

If a TD makes a mistake in the payouts then he ought to make it right. In this case, however, you did not make the mistake and should not hold yourself responsible for adjusting the payout. If the offending player can not or will not return all of his ill gotten gains, then he should be banned from SNDG competition until he does so.

I do not believe a TD should be expected to verify the division eligibility of each player. Even if it only took another 30 seconds the 2012 Howler at 272 players would add 1 to 2 hours to the registration process and put the player eligibility responsibility on the TD.

You did a great job at Tish. Don't beat yourself up over this issue or let it discourage you from running future events.

Gary Wagoner
Re: Suggestions on diisqualifing a player.
October 15, 2013 01:46PM
Copy and paste from what was posted in General Discussion....

"It was brought to our attention this morning while going through results of tournaments and posts in threads (Ryan Niccolini) that a player, Adam Olson, played in the incorrect division of Intermediate. Mr, Olson had previously cashed in a tournament in the Advanced division. By rule Mr.Olson must play in four consecutive SN sanctioned events in the advanced division without cashing again to move back down to the intermediate division. This did not happen. The TD was informed of this broken rule this morning and got in touch with Mr. Olson. He was asked to give all of the winnings back, plaque included, so they could be sent to the second place finisher.

We, along with Mr. Burton(TD), have decided to give Mr. Olson until Wednesday, October, 23rd, 2013 to return the plaque and the $84 in winnings (Cash or exact prize winnings). If this happens he will be on a 90 Day probation from the SN. If he does not comply he will be banned for 90 Days from all SN events. After his ban he will still receive a 90 probation. This message will be on this site and has been sent to Mr.Olson via Facebook PM.

Mr. Olson was disqualified in said event, forfeited his entry fee, has to return winnings acquired from cheating, and will not be given any SN points for participation from the event. The event stats will reflect this DQ.

FYI: Mr. Olson was contacted by Mr. Burton this morning. When he was asked to return the undeserved winnings, Mr. Olson told Mr. Burton that he had already given away the $84 in prizes.

This action will not be tolerated. Mr. Burton has done nothing wrong and should not be looked at as if he has. I hope for Mr. Olson's sake he does the right thing so we all can get past this incident.

HyZer Nation"
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