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Posted by hobbit489 
November 15, 2013 07:57AM
Hey, I had this dream that there were like 15 different people all vying for a chance to be on the SN BoD in order to move this organization forward. Everyone was competing, desperately hoping they would be picked for a spot on the BoD where the populace was supportive of decisions being made. Tournament directors weren't constantly questioned because they all actually ran tournaments where payouts were great, courses were in great shape, volunteers were there to make everything run smoothly, and TD's were compensated for their countless hours of time and effort. Then, I woke the current state of affairs. We are all human trying to make this the best we can all make it (most of us anyway). I remembered that year after year people are sought out and begged to be a member of the SN BoD so they can constantly be lambasted over every minute detail by people who have no desire to better the series or volunteer their time. This is good stuff! Who wouldn't wanna sign up for this high-paying job?

Re: Perspective
November 15, 2013 11:14AM
The choice is rules or chaos. They can both be fun and build courses.

SN has probably helped build a couple hundred courses since the day, about 15 years ago, I discovered I could not play my newly discovered local and first ever course because some guy named Jim was having a tournament that day. Now I could just go to a different course close by, but there is no surprise because we have a web site showing where all the events are. Since that day I've played 50 - 100 SN events and directed or helped run a dozen or two. The SN is full of volunteers and they don't all vie to be on the Bod.

I think the problem with Bod members is that they get in too deep trying to do everything instead of just voting on proposals, collecting SN fees and delivering them to the championship TD's. The gravity of the tasks make every critique of Bod action seem personal because the shelter of rules is ignored for the sake of expediency. This is a human characteristic not unique to the sport or the series. IMO we should work together to get over it. If we don't learn to spread out the responsibility we're gonna keep crushing every Bod.
Re: Perspective
November 15, 2013 11:19AM
Very well put, Kevin.
Re: Perspective
November 17, 2013 12:08AM

If we don't learn to spread out the responsibility we're gonna keep crushing every Bod.

Kevin, I have never entertained running for a BOD position. One reason is the odd hours that I have to work during part of the year which makes active participation in most things nearly impossible.

The other, biggest reason is the way the BOD is structured and the way it seems to operate as a formless blob of leadership. Not indicting the current BOD, this has been my observation for quite some time.

An analogy would be getting elected to the city council and then once elections were over sitting around and deciding who is going to be the dog catcher, policeman, fireman, etc or worse yet saying we are all going to be the dog catcher, policeman, fireman by committee. It is a recipe for missteps and drama.

I maintain that the series needs to have elected officers responsible for specific tasks that occasionally get together on some of the larger issues. Break down the tasks required by the series into small enough components that someone can reasonably handle them in their spare time (a few hours a week) and then elect people to do them whose skills and interests align with the position they are running for.
Re: Perspective
November 17, 2013 09:08AM
Exactly! Jacques spanked the nail on the head!

Every important project, organization, or charity has a board and delegated sub-committees of regular membership to carry on the daily tasks of the organization. The best leaders arise from members who have already been involved in such sub-committees and know the tasks at hand. It would be nice to see BOD qualifications require previous membership participation other than just being a TD. That way "unknown" officers with little/no qualifications become elected and dismantle the administration of the organization.

But then again, even "membership" within the SN organization is not well defined. You play a tourney ... congratulations, you're a member! You can run for the board too!

I know the idea of a "player's series" at no cost is important to many, but what's the big deal of establishing a $20 annual fee, issuing a SN player's number, giving out a bag tag, and allowing only current members to vote? A more quality membership base is established when members have a "stake" in their membership rights ... and possibly a greater desire to become involved! This could also open up membership support for non-tournament players and supporters of the sport. Possible sponsors may even appreciate knowing the number of members of the organization.

(Membership/Bag Tag committee = 1 BOD member plus 2-3 SN members ... just an example of one possibility. This alone settles bag tags ... just make them required ... raise funds ... established guidelines for membership .. how long have bag tags been debated here?)

The SN ship has been loosely guided since it's inception and has drifted in the DG world with little direction or goals. New players, clubs, courses, and equipment manufacturers/suppliers have proliferated along with the sport while the SN ship drifts. How much longer will it drift before it sinks? How much possible revenue and growth has already vanished? The unrealized possibilities of the series are great. Does anyone know what the actual "goal" of the SN is anyway?

Then again, this all may too much to expect from a loosely defined volunteer organization??

It would be nice to get rid of all the policemen and dog catchers and observe some true direction. And the present BOD doesn't need to get all bent outta shape ... this post represents observations over time rather than just present leadership.
Re: Perspective
December 26, 2013 12:35AM
I had a dream to...

That the BOD followed policies.
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