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Meeting Minutes January 7th

Posted by hobbit489 
Meeting Minutes January 7th
January 07, 2014 09:20PM
Members in Attendance: Chuck Burdine, Adam Morrow, Allan Morrow, and Johnathan Nyce.

1. Motion to add Eric Day as our 5th BoD member: Motion carried 4-0

2. Allan Morrow has resigned his voting rights/responsibilities and will act as treasurer until John Kittrell returns. SN fees will still be sent to Allan Morrow until noted otherwise.

3. Website update: Things have fizzled with Ryan and Allan resigning. We also realized that we needed to have more than one option, so we're revisiting the website design/bid process. Johnathan Nyce will be spearheading this project and will be posting an update within the next 2 weeks.

4. Eric Day has agreed to work with Kevin Lewis on updating the language of the SN handbook and publishing this document.

5. Tournament results and schedule requests can be sent to
Re: Meeting Minutes January 7th
January 08, 2014 08:16AM
Few questions, as a dedicated (HA) SN player,

1. First off, this is the first meeting in 2 months. Y'all had a meeting about nothing. Y'all couldn't come up with anything to discuss?

2. Where's the website the guy was working on? Why can't y'all continue with it? Are you saying 2 months were wasted? Do you guys not understand that after this season you will have to resort to a 3rd party website to post results.

Y'all aren't physically yourself designing the website. I don't understand why it's taking so long when there is already an outline of features.

3. Can we get our points and stats corrected? It shouldn't take this long to fix. Going on 3 weeks.

4. Any word on when we, the players can expect a treasurer report?

5. Maybe y'all could of discussed why so many clubs are choosing not to sanction with the SN? Just a thought.

Just want to say you guys are doing a MIGHTY fine job of running this series.
Re: Meeting Minutes January 7th
January 08, 2014 09:36AM
So now The Hog quits too. ? never seen so many quitters.

Re: Meeting Minutes January 7th
January 08, 2014 11:14AM
BMB... you should maybe get a taste of it... The perks are awesome!!
Re: Meeting Minutes January 7th
January 08, 2014 11:22AM
I'm catching up on everything that has happened over the last few months now. Once I get an idea of what all is going on I will start updating everyone. I ask You to please have a little more patience while We sort this all out.
Re: Meeting Minutes January 7th
January 08, 2014 02:21PM
I'll be glad to help. Putting Eric back on was the right thing to do since he was the only candidate. However with Hogman resigning that still leaves two (2) unfilled seats. Might as well keep it that way (4 + 1), or change the rule to 4 + 1 instead of 6 + 1. First though, let the current BOD make a commitment to following the rules to the letter until they are changed. I would like to avoid the futility of drafting rules to be ignored.
Re: Meeting Minutes January 7th
January 08, 2014 02:38PM
We have established contact with the same developer as previously discussed. Here is what He has done so far. [] Keep in mind this is only about half way done and once we vote to pay for the site the rest will be completed. I was quoted "There are only a few weeks of work, mostly aesthetic left for the sndg site.".

Any input you would like to give would be appreciated so we could come to a quick decision. Again here is the link []
Re: Meeting Minutes January 7th
January 08, 2014 03:17PM
Is this a joke?

Really? That's our new fancy website? I hope the guy's not charging over $50. All that is, is a basic website template with a login script. I MEAN F'N SERIOUSLY?

The "developer" should of worked more on the core (behind the scenes) of the website ya know...

a.TD login to upload/edit tournament results in various formats
b.Tournament filter/stat pages
c.A fully functional website that the BOD can edit/change.
d.Most important, ad exchange/ad space areas to draw in SN revenue.

You guys might want to get with Grayson Robins who can give the SN website what they need than this two bit html crack friend of niklpenny's.

I, myself could of done that website in less than 4 hours and I am by far a website guru. That site is same as this one, different colors and less functionality, with a cheap Ms-Paint header.
Re: Meeting Minutes January 7th
January 08, 2014 03:28PM
Dillon, I agree, the beta site has much to be desired but as Eric stated, it's far from finished.

Let's not be too judgemental on a day in which the SN directors are communicating and obviously working towards steering the SN ship in the right direction. For this to happen the SN community needs to be patient and do better towards working together to achieve our mutual goals. I have offered to assist with the site, but I also reach out to others to offer their specifics talents towards assisting the SN. We all need to do our part, otherwise there will not be a forum, a points system, or a regional disc golf communication site available for any of us.

It's a bit broken and needs fix'n. It can be done for everyone's benefit.
Re: Meeting Minutes January 7th
January 08, 2014 10:18PM
Id rather have what we got now rather than that finished or not.

With Dillon on that there should be a TD login to input results and tourney info
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