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Meeting Minutes 03/25/14

Posted by Eric Day 
Meeting Minutes 03/25/14
March 25, 2014 10:33PM
Let Me start by saying a lot of info that will be added is from the prior weeks in between this meeting and the last.

Members in attendance: Johnathan Nyce, Casey Cox, Josh Brigan, Eric Day (Chuck Burdine and Adam Morrow in previous conversations)

Casey Cox will be taking over as active treasurer in the next few week
Waiting on Casey to get access to the account
This is Our first priority before We work on anything else

We have decided that as soon as Casey has access to the accounts that Our first goal is to get the new website running
Previous website discussed was never paid for

Once the website is ready to go We will start looking back into this, the previous company was unable meet Our needs

Ratings are not currently a goal We have planned
We are keeping it in mind for when we have a capable website

Player I.D. #'s:
We feel this needs to happen to remove the issue of misspelled names
Again this will be handle when we have a capable website

It was brought up to no longer purchase bag tags
The Board is split on this

SNC's and SN Fees:
We voted 5-0 to allow the Dogwood's SN Fee's to go directly to the SNAC/SNPC this year
This event is after the SN Fee Money split for the season change.

Admin rights:
Casey Cox now has access to the Admin website
Josh Brigan should have it shortly also

Glass Blown Open:
We voted to allow the GBO to be a SNQ for the first year for a $1 per head fee
GBO was unable to finance this so close to the event
It was asked if We would be willing to do for no fee
We voted 5-0 to not allow free sanctioning

Misspelled Names/ Stats:
Casey Cox was sent excel files to begin knocking them out

SN Points Race:
Adding to clear up confusion
The points race will continue until the end of this season - May 31st
Re: Meeting Minutes 03/25/14
March 26, 2014 09:49AM
So the only thing the BoD has accomplished in the past year is creating a Non-SN event forum that makes the SN look like they only want to promote disc golf if the SN gets their cut of the action? That and banning the volunteer who provided free ratings and updated the schedule page and tournament results for the SN for a while...excellent job you guys.
Re: Meeting Minutes 03/25/14
April 02, 2014 12:30AM
Can't find the misspelled name thread.

Dillon Gourley
Desoto County Freeze out - spelled Dillion should be Dillon.

Also, Eric Day you have 1 extra SN "tie" point in the Howler.
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