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2013-2014 Tournament Fees (Updated: 6/17/2014)

Posted by cox3 
2013-2014 Tournament Fees (Updated: 6/17/2014)
May 06, 2014 06:14PM
June 1, 2013 - March 15, 2014

Awaiting Results





6/1/2013 Safari 7 (Deposited by Allan M.)
6/1/2013 Rock Bottom Open (Deposited by John K.)
6/8/2013 LEGS Fundraiser (Deposited by John K.)
6/8-9/2013 Bud Hill Masters (Deposited by John K.)
6/15-16/2013 Lake Lowndes Summer Sizzler (Deposited by John K.)
6/22/2013 MS State Games (Deposited by John K.)
6/22/2013 Free as a Breeze (Deposited by John K.)
6/22-23/2013 DeSoto County Open (Deposited by John K.)
6/29/2013 Tomato Toss (Deposited by Allan M.)
6/29-30/2013 High Country DGC (Deposited by Allan M.)
7/13-14/2013 Ouachita River Open (Deposited by John K.)
7/20/2013 Summer Sizzler (Deposited by John K.)
7/27/2013 Rez Dawgs Open (Deposited by Allan M.)
8/10/2013 Rose Hill Rumble (Deposited by Allan M.)
8/10-11/2013 Rock Cities Open (Deposited by Allan M.)
8/24/2013 Diamondhead Duel (Deposited by Allan M.)
9/7/2013 Summer Smash (Deposited by Allan M.)
9/7-8/2013 Tupelo Fall Classic (Deposited by Allan M.)
9/8/2013 Southside Kickoff (Deposited by Allan M.)
9/14-15/2013 Outlaws (Deposited by Allan M.)
9/21/2013 Late Summer Fest (Deposited by Allan M.)
9/21-22/2013 Rumble in the Jungle (Deposited by Allan M.)
9/28/2013 Battle of Bud Hill (Deposited by Allan M.)
9/28-29/2013 MS State Championships (Deposited by Allan M.)
10/5/2013 Battle in the Boro (Deposited by Allan M.)
10/5/2013 Cajun Classic (Deposited by Allan M.)
10/5/2013 Reach for the Peak (Deposited by Allan M.)
10/12-13/2013 Tishomingo Fall Classic (Deposited by Allan M.)
10/12-13/2013 Mango Classic (Deposited by Allan M.)
10/19/2013 Fox Hunt (Deposited by Allan M.)
10/19/2013 Tipton County Fall Shootout (Deposited by John K.)
10/20/2013 Antique Basket Classic (Deposited by Allan M.)
10/26-27/2013 Halloween Howler (Deposited by Casey C.)
11/2/2013 Thriller at Hiller (Deposited by Allan M.)
11/2/2013 GWC Scholarship (Deposited by Allan M.)
11/2-3/2013 Lee Naquin Memorial (Deposited by Allan M.)
11/9/2013 Chautauqua Park Open (Deposited by Allan M.)
11/9/2013 Room in the Inn (Deposited by Allan M.)
11/16/2013 Pearl River Rundown (Deposited by Allan M.)
11/16/2013 Shootout in the South (Deposited by Allan M.)
11/17/2013 Bon Vie Tour Champs (Deposited by Allan M.)
11/23/2013 Michael Foradori Memorial (Deposited by Allan M.)
11/23/2013 Turkey Toss (Deposited by Casey C.)
11/30/2013 Turkey Shoot (Deposited by Allan M.)
11/30/2013 Pass the Stuffin (Deposited by Allan M.)
12/7/2013 Zephyrman Memorial (Deposited by Allan M.)
12/7/2013 Blue Angel Christmas Classic (Deposited by Allan M.)
12/14/2013 GCBC Singles (Deposited by Allan M.)
12/14/2013 Desoto County Freezeout (Deposited by Allan M.)
12/14-15/2013 LA State Championships (Deposited by Allan M.)
12/28/2013 New Orleans Classic (Deposited by Allan M.)
1/11/2014 Tishomingo Ice Bowl (Deposited by Allan M.)
1/11/2014 Chickasaw Kiwanis (Deposited by Allan M.)
1/12/2014 Smackdown Fundraiser (Deposited by Casey C.)
1/18/2014 Mid-Winter Open (Deposited by Casey C.)
1/19/2014 Paul Vogel Benefit (Deposited by Casey C.)
2/1/2014 Firefly Open (Deposited by Casey C.)
2/8/2014 Back Bay Battle (Deposited by Allan M.)
2/15/2014 Pelican State Open (Deposited by Allan M.)
2/22/2014 The Bob Inaugural (Deposited by Casey C.)
2/22/2014 Roosevelt Ice Bowl (Deposited by Allan M.)
2/22/2014 Wall Doxey Winter Bash (Deposited by Casey C.)
2/22/2014 Southside Winter Bowl (Deposited by Casey C.)
3/1/2014 MS State Spring Showdown (Deposited by Casey C.)
3/1/2014 Mardi Gras Madness (Deposited by Casey C.)
3/1/2014 Me and Clint (Deposited by Casey C.)
3/8/2014 SoPro Cicada Classic (Deposited by Allan M.)
3/8/2014 Ft. Buhlow Glow Throw (Deposited by Casey C.)
3/8-9/2014 Tishomingo Spring Tourney (Deposited by Casey C.)
3/15/2014 Bigbee Buzz Stinger Stampede (Deposited by Casey C.)

6/15/2013 City of Mobile Doubles (Deposited by Allan M.)
6/29/2013 Sky South Am Champs (Deposited by Allan M.)
7/13/2013 Double Down Throw Down (Deposited by John K.)
7/13/2013 Hamilton Doubles (Deposited by Allan M.)
7/20/2013 Civil War: Bigbee Dubs (Deposited by Allan M.)
8/3/2013 New Orleans Dubs (Deposited by John K.)
8/25/2013 Chains for Charity (Deposited by Allan M.)
9/14/2013 Wally Free Doubles (Deposited by Allan M.)
10/19-20/2013 Arkansas State Dubs (Deposited by Allan M.)
1/12/2014 Tishomingo Ice Bowl (Deposited by Allan M.)
2/1/2014 Rigolette Roulette (Deposited by Allan M.)
2/15/2014 Timburrr in the Woods (Deposited by Allan M.)
2/23/2014 Wall Doxey Winter Bash (Deposited by Casey C.)

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