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Longer Terms for Board Members and Treasuer

Posted by Memphisdiscgolf 
Longer Terms for Board Members and Treasuer
June 17, 2004 12:02PM
1. I suggest 2 year terms for Board Members and stagger the terms so that the Board cannot be completely overhauled in one year.

2. I suggest either a lifetime position or at least a 3 year position for Treasurer. I also suggest that this not even be a voted on position. This should be a Board appointed position. There is too much danger and hassle and confusion if you have to change the Treasurer every couple of years.

3. Don't spend all the money in the bank on the PRO and AM and Doubles Tournaments. In fact, I would suggest putting back roughly 10% to 15% every year for expenses and to possibly in the future fund selected SN Tournaments during the year.

4. Pick one person, possibly the Treasurer to run Bag Tags for the year and Fund Raiser Discs for the PRO and AM and Doubles starting in 2005. ( I may even be interested in doing this. )

Re: Longer Terms for Board Members and Treasuer
June 17, 2004 01:56PM
1. Done

2. I agree. Term of treasurer hasn't come up at this point, but I agree that it should be an appointed position

3. Right now there is no provision for putting any of the $2 Sn fee or bag tag money in reserve (the SN only means of revenue) We need to round up sponsorship, to take the place of the bag tag money which then could be used for sn expenses (which isn't alot, but i'd like to be able to make banners for the TDs that host SN tournaments among other stuff)

4. If not the treasurer than someone working closely with the treasurer. When the person responsible for the bag tags has xx amount of dollars he send it to the treasurer...
Re: Longer Terms for Board Members and Treasuer
June 18, 2004 05:49PM
That all sounds reasonable.

Brian Moon
SNDG Webmaster
1. LIke John K said...done

2. The Board and the administration of the SNDG is not a year old. A lot of things have been addressed in the past 10 months and there is still more to do. There is a lot of work to be done with the SNDG Account and Treasure. We should all drop to our knees and be thankful the SNDG has a player like John K, our current Treasure and SNDG Chairman of the Board of Directors.

3. I have been talking sponsorship since last fall. It takes a lot of time. I spent this winter and spring setting up the means for sponsorship for our Arkansas State Disc Golf Championship. The means was getting the local radio station and Comcast Cable onboard and let the players use air time to bring in the sponsorship. It worked pretty good and I think with this year's experience we can do better. The same can be done for the SNDG. I pitched it to radio (Clear Channel) and Comcast Cable. Clear Channel and Comcast cover the south. Using the Southern National Majors to showcase the tournament series it will sell. Then the locals could get the local sponsorship with the local Clear Channel stations and the local Comcast Cable company. This would free up the $2 fee and the bag tag money to go into the SNDG treasure for expenses. There was talk talk talk and I asked the talkers to step up and email me and we would get started with Addie heading up the SNDG Advertising and Promotion. I received zero emails. I will pursue this with or without players help. I will pursue it for disc golf and I will pursue it for the SNDG.

4. 4 will fall into line easily after 3.

Bill Trousdale
3. I'm ready Bill! :o)
Re: Longer Terms for Board Members and Treasuer
July 01, 2004 02:43PM
Got plenty of radio experience (FM) and I'm always willing to help. Been a while since I endeavored in radio, but this sounds like a great opportunity...

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