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What Rules are WE under?!!!

Posted by Jack C. 
What Rules are WE under?!!!
January 03, 2005 10:14AM
Just wondering if "We" have rules of play and if so, Where could I get a copy?
Re: What Rules are WE under?!!!
January 05, 2005 05:32PM
Jack we have a SN handbook that you can get to from the front page of the SN website that outlines our basic policies. As for the rules of actual tournament play (once the horn has blown) the SN has adopted the rules used by the PDGA (it makes it easier for TDs that are running dual sn and pdga events to not have to worry about different rules of play and allows players to expect the same rules regardless of what type of tournament you play in)

There aren't that many differences between the sn and the pdga otherwise but there are a few, the most notable is that the SN still allows ams to accept prizes instead of cash if they "cash" at a tournament to retain their am status (the way the pdga use to operate) and at most SN tournaments the first round the divisions are mixed.

At dual sanctioned tournaments the TD typically enforces all the PDGA rules which we don't have a problem with. Its the SN only sanctioned tournaments where you might see some things ran differently. Hopefully this helps a little...

John k
SN Board
Re: What Rules are WE under?!!!
January 26, 2006 09:43PM

Does the SN only use section 803 from the PDGA rules?

Those are the rules of play.

Other sections include

801 Conduct of players
802 Equipment
804 Tournament Proceedure
805 Technical standards.

I only ask, because without using the other sections of the PDGA rule book essentially you are allowing Range Finders, no penalty for showing up late to a SN tournament (just make the holes up), allowing other wise illegal discs (invent your own disc or pump up the weight, sand it down excessively), no standards for disqualifying unruly players, no criteria for breaking ties, and allowing the players to play the course in any fashion which they choose including skipping holes to finish at later times, teeing off from an easier tee pad, playing from out of bounds, and allowing players to distract other players without penalty.

Just curious questions.
Re: What Rules are WE under?!!!
January 31, 2006 10:44PM
Good question for the board. I'll have to ask them. rWc
Re: What Rules are WE under?!!!
January 31, 2006 11:37PM
Thanks Russ.

I relish this section of the discussion board. Where I can ask questions like this and not be berated by insults and incoherent internet babble.

Again, I disclaim that I am no way shape or form speaking ill, I just want fairness instituted with the functioning of Southern National events. It does not seem right that in one area you can legally and essentially cheat according to the umbrella organization over everything involving flying discs WFDF.

Also, as the SN is a seperate body from the PDGA, in suggestion the SN can adpot the entire PDGA rule book and only edit certain sections, such as mixing groups for the first round which seems to be a SN tradition.

Re: What Rules are WE under?!!!
February 02, 2006 09:05PM
Actually, we are governed by the PDGA "rules of play", which includes the whole rulebook.

I have been to many an event where players ARE penalized for not showing up on time, stroked for the hole they missed and go from there.

I have seen players DQ'd for not unwinding on a mando, told to "unwind or go home".

I have not personally seen anyone "excessively" sanding a disc to change its flight, but perhaps to get rid of those pesky burrs, which I do upon occasion, but never "excessively".

I have wanted to stroke those who throw cigarette butts down on the course, actually I would like to warn them at the players meeting, and stroke them teh first time I see it!

I have seen a player stroke himself for throwing off of the wrong tee, and ending up with several players having to take the same stroke. One big reason to be sure to attend the meetings.

If a player is making distracting noises while another is throwing or putting, they WILL be warned, and then stroked if they continue.

I will call a foot fault on a player, not to mess with them, but to improve there level of play, event though they may not see it that way at first.

All of the rules need to be used, not abused. EVERY player needs to carry a rule book in their bag and have it at the ready.

I have won an amateur event because of a stoke given to a player who had been warned and contunued to putt out of turn.

I have warned players that they need to have their discs marked, that they cannot even CARRY an unmarked disc in their bag legally, unless it is one they found on the course and have declared it and are carrying it back to turn it in.

I have warned several players that they cannot throw their disc back to their bag without it being a stroke.

The rules make you a better player.

I really hate teh players who "thinks" they know the rules and try to (ab)use them to disrupt the mental game of a player in their group. I will whip out the ole rule book in a heartbeat and straighten them out.

This is a great sport, with a great future, if we all just play by the rules and have a little common courtesy for our fellow players.

Dg Guy - Disc GOlf Plaques & Awards
417-876-2197 House
417-296-6560 Cell

Know what you throw. . .
. . . throw what you know!
Re: What Rules are WE under?!!!
February 02, 2006 09:09PM
So, The SN would not count a round with Items or substances attached to the discs such in a glow round?

Or would everyone just be stroked

Re: What Rules are WE under?!!!
February 02, 2006 09:27PM
802.01 Discs Used in Play

C. Players may not make post-production modification of discs which alter their original flight characteristics. This rule does not forbid inevitable wear and tear from usage during play or the moderate sanding of discs to smooth molding imperfections or scrape marks. Discs excessively sanded or painted with a material of detectable thickness are illegal. See sections 802.01 D, E and F.

Dg Guy - Disc GOlf Plaques & Awards
417-876-2197 House
417-296-6560 Cell

Know what you throw. . .
. . . throw what you know!
Re: What Rules are WE under?!!!
February 03, 2006 10:02AM
Ahh but!!

804.01 Special Conditions

A. Rules governing special conditions that may exist on the course shall be clearly defined and disseminated to all players prior to the start of the tournament. All special conditions shall be covered in the players' meeting. Each player is responsible for adhering to all points covered in the players' meeting.

D. No rules may be stipulated which conflict with the PDGA Rules of Play, unless approved by the Competition Director of the PDGA.

And seeing as the SN doesn't have a Competition Director AND that I've talked to John Kittrell about it already and he didn't tell me he had a problem with it the Ironman is just fine. So :)

Jeff H
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