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Posted by MassiveJ 
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 02, 2010 07:47PM
Not sure what bad side the Saints fans are supposed to be showing right now. Maybe you just need to lighten up.

Wow, dude signed up the 31st and ran over to the OT forum pretty quickly. Is this another annoying alter? I think it might be.



Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 02, 2010 10:08PM
Hey Bike Faggot

Kiss Our Collective Saints ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 03, 2010 08:19AM
Best 'o luck to the Who Dat Nation!

Must be "different" for the elder fans to cheer AGAINST a Manning!


See ya at the Pot "O Gold!!
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 03, 2010 01:49PM
I just don't understand the Colts being a heavy favorite. If the Saints have all of their injured defenders and skill players back and at 100%, the Colts should be underdogs. I wonder what match-up they're looking at, because I don't see the mismatch that triggers such a heavy spread. Guess we'll find out.
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 03, 2010 02:20PM
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 04, 2010 09:35AM
Get ready for the Who Dat Nation coming for the Super Bowl
By Mark Lorando, The Times-Picayune
February 01, 2010, 5:06AM
Dear Miami,

The Saints are coming. And so are we, their loyal, long-suffering and slightly discombobulated Super Bowl-bound fans.

While there's still time to prepare -- although a few hard-core Who Dats will begin trickling in Monday, most of us won't arrive until Thursday or Friday -- we thought we'd give you a heads-up about what you should expect.

First things first: You need more beer.

Yeah, we know. You ordered extra. You think you have more than any group of humans could possibly consume in one week. Trust us. You don't.

New Orleans was a drinking town long before the Saints drove us to drink. But it turns out beer tastes better when you're winning. (Who knew?) So let's just say we're thirsty for more than a championship; adjust your stockpiles accordingly.

And look. When we ask you for a go-cup, be nice to us. We don't even know what "open container law" means. Is that anything like "last call"?

It's Carnival season in New Orleans (that's Mardi Gras to you), and we'll be taking the celebration on the road. So don't be startled if you walk past us and we throw stuff at you; that's just our way of saying hello.

Oh, and sorry in advance about those beads we leave dangling from your palm trees. We just can't help ourselves.

February is also crawfish season, and you can be sure that more than one enterprising tailgater will figure out a way to transport a couple sacks of live mudbugs and a boiling pot to Miami.

When the dude in the 'Who Dat' T-shirt asks if you want to suck da head and pinch da tail, resist the urge to punch him. He's not propositioning you. He's inviting you to dinner.

And if you see a big Cajun guy who looks exactly like an old Saints quarterback walking around town in a dress ... don't ask. It's a long story.

We know that crowd control is a major concern for any Super Bowl host city. Our advice? Put away the riot gear.

Reason No. 1: Indianapolis is going to lose, and their fans are way too dull to start a riot.

Reason No. 2: New Orleans showed the world on Sunday that we know how to throw a victory party. We don't burn cars. We dance on them.

Reason No. 3: Even if we did lose, which we won't, leaving the stadium would be like leaving a funeral, and our typical response to that is to have a parade.

Speaking of which: If you happen to see a brass band roll by, followed by a line of folks waving their handkerchiefs, you're not supposed to just stand there and watch. As our own Irma Thomas would say, get your backfield in motion.

And hey, Mister DJ! Yes, we know you've already played that stupid Ying Yang Twins song 10 times tonight, but indulge us just one more time.

To us, "Halftime (Stand Up and Get Crunk [] )" isn't just a song; it's 576 points of good memories. It's the sound of a Drew Brees touchdown pass to Devery Henderson, a Pierre Thomas dive for first down on 4th-and-1, a Garrett Hartley field goal sailing through the uprights in overtime.

It's what a championship sounds like. You may get sick of hearing it. We won't. Encore, @#$%&.

Inside Sun Life Stadium, you may find your ears ringing more than usual. We're louder than other fans. Seven thousand of ours sound like 70,000 of theirs.

Don't believe us? Ask the 12th man in the Vikings huddle.

Some people think it's just the Dome that heightens our volume. But you're about to discover a little secret: We can scream loud enough to make your head explode, indoors or out.

It's not the roof. It's the heart.

Well, OK, and the beer.

Don't be surprised if there are more Saints fans outside the stadium than inside. A lot of us are coming just to say we were part of history, even if we can't witness it up close. The Saints are family to us, and you know how it is with family: We want to be there for them, whether they really need us or not. Because we know our presence will mean something to them, whether they can see us or not.

Come to think of it, seeing as how you're taking us in for the week, we pretty much regard you as family, too. So we're warning you now: If you're within hugging distance, you're fair game.

Hugging strangers is a proud Who Dat tradition, right up there with crying when we win.

Most sports fans cry when their teams lose. Not us. We've been losing gracefully and with good humor for 43 years. Tragedy and disappointment don't faze us. It's success that makes us go to pieces.

Hurricane Katrina? We got that under control. The Saints in the Super Bowl? SOMEBODY CALL A PARAMEDIC!!!

So anyway, don't let the tears of joy freak you out. We're just ... disoriented.

OK. Let's review:

Order more beer. Throw me something, mister. Suck da heads. Wear da dress. Stand up. Get crunk. Hug it out. Protect your eardrums. Pass the Kleenex. Hoist the trophy.

See you at the victory party.

Faithfully yours,

The Who Dat Nation
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 04, 2010 10:50AM
Classic! WHO DATs - best o luck!
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 04, 2010 11:40AM
Bike fag hugh? Well, I was married to some inbred retards from LA. I didn't make my father in law marry one of his relatives...I have proof...but it is and always has been obvious to the rest of the world that cajuns..coon*sses..whatever, don't want to contaminate their bloodline. If they get close to someone with two brain cells they are VERY intimidated. I mean hell...GOD gave New Orleans the enema it flush out the garbage. Even the heavens tried to intervene in the inbreeding. Hard to argue with that one for sure...So before you really start talking smack to anyone...check your bloodline first. Make sure that your family tree has a fork in it. When a couple gets married, and the woman does NOT have to change her last name..well you do the figuring...I know this to be fact. It was my ex- inlaws. Normal people act accordingly. The special kids are the ones that have to make a spectacle of themselves to get DAT? Get an education and be a proud American...

Signed an old educated American who is embarrassed to have seen the fallout of inbreeding coon*sses.
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 04, 2010 11:50AM
Dex again education..plz!!!

NO Leagal rights..Holy crap. You hit the nail right on the head..... From the dictionary....Main Entry: 1 le·gal.
Pronunciation: \ˈlē-gəl\
Function: adjective

I am not a Vikings fan. I am not a Saints hater...I just can't stand blatant stupidity. I refuse to support a team or city that PROMOTES unsportsmanlike conduct and a blatant disregard for society. Check the stats before you respond please. Saints had more personal fouls than most if not all other teams in the NFL. GO THUG LIFE..I WANNA BE A GANGSTA!

well you know
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 04, 2010 12:05PM
Who the F is this Bikeknut? GZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ talk about a prick! I sure hope his ex wife screwed his whole family and friends before she took all his money and trailer.
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 04, 2010 12:35PM
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 04, 2010 12:39PM
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 04, 2010 01:57PM
Pull your chain out of the parafin wax, it is done

Sorry for spelling (legal) wrong, it was not my fault. My sister was sitting on my lap and must have hit one of the keys, I am thinking the letter ''e''.

What an astute observation on your part, we will try to be mor careful in the future. We are trying to get a new Trailer, one with A.C.(ALTERNATING CURRENT) that way we can watch He Haw reruns.

My pet pig just had piglets, I see a couchon delaise in the future. She had 6 little pigs, we named them Bikenut 1, Bikenut 2, Bikenut 3, you get the jest.

Invited 32 people over for the game, one of them is my Mom who happens to be my half sister, ( that is knd of weird) I would like to invite you, that way we will have 2 sets of full teeth there.

Appreciate the edumacation lesson, hope you can make the game

Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 04, 2010 07:20PM
So the guy was dumped by his Cajun wife in favor of a guy who could actually take care of her needs. But, I guess that means that ALL Cajuns are stupid inbreds OR, of course, maybe it's just he that has a glaring deficiency of some kind and needs to cast blame and scrutiny onto others so he doesn't have to come to terms with it. Nah. Couldn't be.

Have a GREAT Superbowl, shorty. We'll all be thinking of you, I'm sure.
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 05, 2010 09:16AM
Just so you guys know....I am not trying to attack each one of you. I am from the south, been all over the U.S., and multiple countries all over the world. I have seen many different cultures for sure. ALL cultures have their good and bad people. I do not think that all people from La. are bad. There are a few that have tainted my vision. My inlaws are from a very small town not far from Alexandria. I can not post names here because of their privacy....but rest assured that they are the most prejudice white trash that I have ever seen...period. They live in a shack..but drive a Mercedes to keep up their image! I have listened to them talk their own local slang for years and when they travelled outside of the U.S.(Europe), and started to speak..well the people there were confused at best. So...I am sorry if my rants were a little too personal. My inlaws ARE inbred. It is a fact and I did not find this out until after I was married. My wife claims..."well.. they are distant cousins"...How would you respond to that information 1 week after you were married? A very good friend of mine is from Shreveport and he descibes the area they(inlaws) are from as being the La. version of Deliverance. Again..someone from La. gave me that description. ex-wife probably left because I refused to have children with her after I found out the truth about her family. She does have some verified personal issues that can't be fixed. I was told..and I quote two of her therapists...."Run far and run fast"......So..

Blueboy quote......So the guy was dumped by his Cajun wife in favor of a guy who could actually take care of her needs..strong possibility...her brother!

Again sorry if I came across as a hater..I am a normal guy who was involved with probably the worst family gene pool in the south.... period!

So sorry for making so many of you guys angry....I have ALOT of friends in La. that I visit regularly and they are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Just jaded from dealing with some REALLY bad people.

Good Luck this year...I am sure that I will see you guys at some tournaments.

Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 05, 2010 10:27AM

I am going to guess ''Bunkie''

You know Elvis is living there

Have a Great day

Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 05, 2010 11:06AM
I have to say...your pretty darn close. She does have relatives there!! Have a nice day yourself DEX.
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 05, 2010 11:46AM
Well that area of the state has some back wood dumb F's there. It is not even close to the "Cajuns" your referred to in your opening comment. Cajuns are from the Acadiana area. Most people believe anything south of hwy 190 are Cajuns.

Your ex-wife is NOT Cajun!!!

And your comment about her family being inbred is much more believable now.
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 05, 2010 11:57AM
sorry about the misunderstanding..take care.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 02/05/2010 11:57AM by Bikeknut.
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 05, 2010 01:21PM
Can we get this thread back on track? Where you at WHO DAT'S?

Let's give those Colts a beat down!
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 05, 2010 01:24PM

Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 05, 2010 01:50PM
If you want the answer to who bikenut is, i have it, it's Michaels long lost brother lol
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 05, 2010 04:29PM
Oh my god!!!! PLEASE DO NOT ASSOCIATE ME WITH MICHAEL.. (SM)SKIDMARK..i MEAN (TM)TRADE MARK. Rest assured he and I have nothing in common! LOL!

Frisbeetarianism is the belief that when you die, your soul goes up on the roof and gets stuck.
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 05, 2010 04:38PM

.strong possibility...her brother!

Ew, but I've been all over LA as well, and this is not typical of the state. You'll find just as many inbred and toothless hicks in the rural parts of nearly every state. Ever been to BFE Vermont?

BTW, I don't think "distant cousins" is something to be freaking out over, and your other assumptions might be a little skewed as a result of your outrage.
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 07, 2010 12:46PM
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 07, 2010 01:09PM
Don't taint this WHO DAT thread with that Roll Tide nonsense please and thank you.
Aint nooobody dat
February 07, 2010 09:17PM
My quiet uptown neighborhood is roaring with fireworks, shouts and car horns.
Let the celebration begin.
French quarter will never be the same.
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 07, 2010 09:53PM

WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!! Suck on that, cynical @#$%&!!!!!!!!!!! Whhhhhhhhhooooooooooo Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 07, 2010 09:57PM
Re: WHO DAT!?!
February 07, 2010 09:59PM
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