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My weekend disc golf experience

Posted by tracemaster 
Re: My weekend disc golf experience
August 03, 2011 10:11AM
I hope you realize I am not disagreeing with what you say the rule should be or what rule is being applied. I am just saying that is not what is written in the rule. Women and novice are stated to be an exception to the "shall offer" rule. That is crazy but is what is written. We should change it.
Re: My weekend disc golf experience
August 03, 2011 10:38AM

I agree with you 100% that the wording needs to be changed to reflect the original intent!

The Southern Nationals growth has always depended on getting new players into the fold! Anything done that prohibits players from entering an event is counterproductive! I will ALWAYS allow women and novice players to play, no matter how many there are! And THAT does NOT go against any rules or guidelines.

From the PDGA Rulebook:

A. Players are not allowed to enter a division for which they are ineligible. Please see The Table of PDGA Tour Player Divisions for specifics.

B. A player is solely responsible for knowing what division(s) they are eligible to compete in. Entry into an ineligible division may result in disqualification from the event and/or suspension from PDGA events.

C. Players are allowed to compete in only one division per event unless the event has divisions competing on a different day or weekend and is listed as two distinct entries in the PDGA calendar.

D. A player must properly identify themselves when competing in a PGDA sanctioned event. Players who wish to remain anonymous or who assume a false identity will be disqualified from the event and face potential suspension from the PDGA tour.

E. Professional players entering into a Professional division compete for money and Amateur players entering into a Professional division may accept merchandise in lieu of cash.

F. Players entering into an Amateur division compete for trophies and/or prizes.

G. Female players may compete in male divisions if they wish, but male players may not compete in female divisions.

H. A player registered as an Amateur may compete in any Pro division for they are eligible based on age and sex.

I. A player registered as a Professional may only compete in Amateur divisions in select cases. (See Section 2.4 for specifics)

J. A Tournament Director may, by giving adequate public notice, restrict the divisions offered. Absent such notice, the director shall offer for competition any division which has four or more players that are eligible and wishing to compete. Tournament Directors may offer divisions with less than four players at their discretion.

K. All Bump rules are invalid and not allowed at PDGA sanctioned events. Players shall be allowed to play in any divisions they might be eligible for, if those divisions are offered by the Tournament Director.

So, basically, the TD has quite a bit of leeway in the way he, or she, runs their event, within the limits of the PDGA rules and the Southern National Guidelines, with the PDGA rules being the first source o reference!

When the BOD originally wrote the handbook they basically just did a "cut and past" of the PDGA rules! They could have done a better job, but, since all Southern National events DO apply the PDGA rules, there are sometimes conflicts, and misinterpretations.

Main thing is, we ALL want as many to enjoy the Southern National Tournament Series as possible, and it cannot be done by turning away players, no matter the gender!

Oh, and Gilligan, your post did not make a lot of sense, unless your intention was to try to stir somethng up, which I don't think should be the job of a BOD member!

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