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Guess his friends aren't so "rowdy" anylonger.

Posted by Gilligan 
Re: Guess his friends aren't so "rowdy" anylonger.
January 13, 2012 05:02PM
Geez Victor.

Yeah, you poured water on him and embarrassed poor Jacques in the process. All you did was try to cause problems.

The TRUE hilarity of that entire situation is what you just said.


I poured water on his head and he did nothing. What a little coward.

Wait? Who were you referring to him or you? I mean, you poured water on his head. Not EXACTLY the most bad@ss move.

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Re: Guess his friends aren't so "rowdy" anylonger.
January 23, 2012 01:46PM
"Discville?" Imaginative, as usual.

Sorry. I've been away and just noticed this. I see he's stalking me in other threads as well. Sorry, sports fans. It's hard to keep up with Prictor's pointless, flaccid attacks when they're not in response to anything I've recently posted, but rather a spineless pseudo-response to something I posted, literally, years ago. Maybe he hopes time alone will make him both intelligent and correct.

Wow, you spineless freak. Interesting that you "BOY" me while still living at your mother's place at over 50 years of age. I know. I know. You've chosen to adopt the BS line that you're "taking care of her," as if you actually have a choice as to where you live. No. That would require effort and I also suppose that you expect everyone to believe that you yourself "ran" for the ADGA president position (hey, doesn't that make you one o' them politician fellers?) for any reason other that your being such a tireless public servant. LOL. Also amusing, but what I find most funny is that you seem to expect people to believe the above, lengthy announcement of your inadequacy - several posts after our exchange of several months ago - despite the fact that I have not so much as addressed you in any way recently.

Did you think that I wouldn't notice, or are your inadequacies so numerous that you figure a few of them would slip by simply based on the law of averages?

You are a faceless, spineless coward who thinks he can hide his hateful message in a disguise of pretended public service. You deceive no one but yourself, and I'm convinced that your social outcast status has been arrived at deliberately, just to justify the burning anger you feel every moment of every day. How close am I on that one? Like I told you years ago, YOU are responsible for your status in this life, not me. Chris Hayes is not some super-villain whose mission in life is to ruin your otherwise spotless world. I'm the other guy, the one who laughs in the face of your little threats.

You want to know, honestly, what the first thought to cross my mind was when I felt water hit the back of my neck? Honestly. No BS. I thought you were Connie, joking around and saying hello. Seriously. I'm not making that up. I thought a woman was doing that to me. Sadly, you pathetic troll, I was wrong, and IN THE TIME IT TOOK ME TO LOOK UP, you'd already retreated 25 feet back to Pat's truck. Then, of course, I realized that it was yet another of your spineless, transparent attempts at provocation. I'm guessing you probably thought that water cannot be considered a legal provocation. As always, you're wrong. It can. I'm also guessing you thought you were clever by attempting to cause a major disruption at a tournament run by an organization that had you - democratically - banned from its ranks.

I'll also tell Jimmy you send your best. He always wants to know when people of substance and significance are speaking about him. I'll also inform him as to his own reasons for switching parties. For years, he was convinced that it was because the Dems turned on him for not voting for Clinton's "tax package," a bill that would have effectively gut the oil and gas industry, upon which the people of Louisiana are absolutely existent. But I forgot what an informed insider you are.

Don't worry. If you ever need this stuff explained to you again, I'll be more than happy to.
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