New Policy for Sanctioning Charity Tournaments

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New Policy for Sanctioning Charity Tournaments

Post by bugle04 » Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:33 pm

We as a BOD felt that our current policy regarding SN sanctioning of charity events needed to be revamped in order to encourage more charity events within the SN. Below you can find the new policy regarding the sanctioning of charity events and it will be updated in the handbook soon. If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I will try my best to answer them. Hopefully, this new policy encourages more charity events within the SN as we should all strive to give where there is a need.

5.3 Charity events may seek a $2 reduction for Southern National Tournament sanctioning, effectively lowering the cost to $1 per player (not including novice, recreational, and junior divisions) if they meet the following criteria:
5.3.1 The event must be used to raise money for a 501c3 charity or other board-approved group or individual.
5.3.2 The BOD must be provided with the charity’s tax ID number, if they are a 501c3 entity, prior to approval.
5.3.3 The Southern Nationals must be listed as an event sponsor.
5.3.4 The Tournament Director must apply for the waiver at least 45 days in advance of the event.
5.3.5 A minimum of $2 dollars per player must be set aside from the entry fees and sent to the charity.
5.3.6 A minimum of 25% of the remaining event value after $1 sanctioning fee and $2 from each player is removed must be sent to the charity.

5.4 Tournament Director Responsiblities
5.4.1 Once SN sanctioning has been requested and granted the TD has a responsibility to both the SN series and to the players in regards to running a quality event.
5.4.2 Tournament results and fees are submitted to the Board within 30 days.
5.4.3 Proof of donation through a receipt, a copy of a cleared check, or letter from the charity stating the amount donated must be presented to the Board within 30 days.
5.4.4 SN sanctioning is not guaranteed and may be denied if the TD has not demonstrated consistency in handling TD responsibilities at previous events.

Explanation of 5.3.6
After $3 is removed from each player’s entry, the rest of the entry fees are added to any sponsorships received and 25% of that total at a minimum must be donated to the charity.

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