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Southern Nationals Doubles Championship [event results]

Tournament Director: Jim Orum/SkySouth/MADGA (skysouth96 [at] (251) 478-0379
Date(s): 07/17/2010 - 07/18/2010     Location: Chickasaw/Chickasabogue/USA/Municipal - Mobile, AL
On the Web:,168973

2010 Southern Nationals Doubles Championship
July 17–18, 2010
Mobile, Alabama

Brought to you by the Mobile Area Disc Golf Association

Tournament Director
Willie Waite

Chickasabogue Park (Saturday, Best Score)
Chickasaw Park (Saturday, Best Shot)
Langan Municipal Park (Sunday, Best Shot)
University of South Alabama Campus (Sunday, Worst Shot, Best Shot, Alternate Shot)

Register by mail by July 9 to:
4950 Moffett Rd.
Mobile, AL 36618

Shirt Sizes
Choice of Discs (For Am Divisions)
Make checks payable to MADGA

Register on Friday, July 16 at Chickasabogue Park between 2–8pm at Hole 1 Pavilion. No checks accepted.

You must pre-register by 8pm on Friday, July 16.

Entry Fees
Open Men, Open Women, Pro Masters, Pro Grandmasters – $100
Advanced Men, Advanced Masters – $80
Intermediate Men, Intermediate Women – $60
Juniors – $40

Player’s Pack
The first 200 players registered will get a Tournament T-shirt FREE.
No money will be deducted from entry fees for the t-shirts.

All Amateur players will receive a Tournament Disc from the following list. The disc will be deducted from the entry fees.
If the tournament supply becomes exhausted, players will receive a $15 SkyBuck to SkySouth.

Player’s Pack Discs
Champion Wraith
Star Boss
Star Mako
Star Leopard
Star Roc Plus
ESP Nuke

Other Discs
JK Pro Aviar
KC Pro Aviar
Glo San Marino Roc
Pro-D Magnet

Fundraiser Discs (For Sale Only)
Champion Katana – $25
Champion Glo Teebird Plus – $25
Cryztal Buzz – $20
Cryztal Stalker – $20

Saturday, July 17
Tournament Central – Chickasabogue Park

Player’s Meeting 9:15 am

Round 1 Start 10 am
Round 2 Start one hour after last card is turned in from Round 1

Sports Field at Chickasabogue Park
End of 2nd Round – 7:00pm

Player’s Party
Refreshments and BBQ at the Creekside Pavilion
Chickasabogue Park

Sunday, July 18
Tournament Central – Langan Municipal Park

Scoreboards will be at your course—no player’s meeting
Round 3 Start 9 am
Round 4 Start one hour after last card is turned in from Round 3

Awards approximately one hour from end of Round 4

Pool A
All Professional Divisions, Advanced Men

Pool B
Advanced Masters, All Intermediate Divisions, Juniors

Tee Assignments
All divisions will play regular concrete tees at all courses EXCEPT Int. Women and Juniors. Int. Women and Juniors will play shorts tees as marked in the Player’s Program.

Saturday Morning
Pool A plays Chickasaw (Best Shot)
Pool B plays Chickasabogue (Best Score)

Saturday Afternoon
Pool A plays Chickasabogue (Best Score)
Pool B plays Chickasaw (Best Shot)

Sunday Morning
Pool A plays USA (Worst Shot, Best Shot, Alternate Shot)
Pool B plays Municipal (Best Shot)

Sunday Afternoon
Pool A plays Municipal (Best Shot)
Pool B plays USA (Worst Shot, Best Shot, Alternate Shot)

Holes 1–6: Worst Shot
Holes 7–12: Best Shot
Holes 13–18: Alternate Shot


Best Shot
Both players throw from each lie (starting with the tee shot), then the team chooses which of the resulting lies to continue play from, until the hole is completed.

–A team may take a reasonable amount of time to pick which lie they want before the 30-second play clock starts.
–A lie that is picked up without being marked is gone forever; the team must throw from the other lie. If the second lie is picked up, it must be replaced in accordance with PDGA rules. All lies must be marked according to PDGA rules.
–If the first player throws from the wrong lie, the second player may still throw from the correct lie.
In case of injury or disqualification, one partner may play alone, throwing one shot at each lie (essentially playing singles).

Best Score
Each player plays the hole as they would while playing singles; there are no shared lies. The team score is the best score on the hole by one of its players.

–The player who is away will always throw first, with this exception: If both players are lying the same number of throws, the team may choose which player throws first.
–A player must pick up once it is impossible for him to better the team's score. The team incurs a warning for the first violation, and a penalty throw for subsequent violations.
–In case of injury or disqualification, one partner may play alone.

Alternate Shot
Only one sequence of throws is made on each hole.
The team selects a player to throw the tee shot at the beginning of the round. The other player then throws from the subsequent lie, and play alternates in that fashion until the round is completed. Alternate Shot is closer to a singles format, where one partner can't bail the other out. If you miss a short putt, chances are good that you'll be driving the next hole.

–If the wrong player on a team throws, another team must call it immediately, like a foot fault. The team receives a warning, and the correct player throws. Subsequent violations incur a one-throw penalty.
–For any violation that requires a rethrow (stance violation, provisional throw), the same player throws.

Worst Shot:
Both players throw from each lie (starting with the tee shot), then the competing teams in the group choose which of the subsequent lies will be used, with the aim of making the hole as difficult as possible. The hole is completed once both team members have holed out from the same lie.

–The 30-second play clock begins once the opposing teams have selected the lie.
–A lie that is picked up without being marked must be replaced in accordance with PDGA rules. All lies must be marked according to PDGA rules.
–Any warning or penalty incurred by a player may be chosen to apply to the team, at the opposing teams' discretion.
–A team found to be giving an opposing team a better lie will be disqualified for unsportsmanlike behavior.

All sponsors will be recognized in the tournament programs noting the sponsorship level and will be mentioned specifically at each of the players’ meetings and award ceremonies. The programs will be distributed to all competitors and made available to spectators.

Hole Sponsors ($25) will have a sign placed prominently at the tee for a tournament hole with the company logo and a brief message of your choice boldly displayed.

Birdie Sponsors ($100) sponsors will get the tee sign, will be featured on the back of the Championship t-shirt and will include a tournament t-shirt and disc.

Ace Sponsors ($500) sponsors will get two tee signs, will be featured prominently on the back of the Championship t-shirt and will include four tournament t-shirts and four tournament discs.