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Propst Park Premier Disc Golf Tournament [event results]

Tournament Director: Chip Strain (audiestrain [at] )
Date(s): 03/26/2011 - 03/27/2011     Location: Propst Park - Columbus, MS
On the Web:,187742

* First tournament on a brand new course.
* Cheaper entry fees across the board
* 5 rounds of disc golf (lots of bang for your buck)
*** Match Play Format ***

Tournament Directors:
Chip Strain: audiestrain [at]
Clayton Nash: bazkitcase5 [at]


Saturday, March 26th
Registration: 7:00 am - 8:30 am
Players Meeting: 8:30 am
1st Round: 9:00 am
2nd Round: 1 hour after last card is turned in
3rd Round: 30 minutes after last card is turned (just a short break to get fresh pairings)

Sunday, March 27th
4th Round: 9:00 am
5th Round: 1 hour after last card is turned in

Entry Fees:

Open - $25
Advanced - $25
Amateur - $25

Due to the format, we would prefer to have at least 6 entrants to open a new divisions (reasons to be detailed below)
*Exceptions can and will be made for Women and Jr. divisions - we will adjust how things are done, depending on how many shows up.


18 holes per round at Propst Park - Adv. and Open will play the long tees, every other division will play the short tees
Match Play Format:
You will play against just 1 opponent at a time. Whoever has the best score on each hole, receives 1 point for that hole. If you get the same score, nobody will get a point for that hole. After 18 holes, whoever has the most points, wins the match and will receive 1 point for that round.

To save time, a player may concede the hole/match at any time. If Player A shanks his drive OB and Player B puts his drive under the basket for a birdie, then Player A can go ahead and concede the hole for speed of play, but it is not required. However, once a player can no longer catch the opponent for that hole, then that hole is over and no more practice shots are allowed. Such as, if Player A has already thrown 3 shots and Player B has just managed to hole out in 2 shots, then Player B has already won the hole and the players should move on to the next hole. If a player is ahead by more points than there are holes remaining, then the match is over.

Groups will play 4 per hole, using the standard shot gun start. The 2 players that are playing against each other, will keep the score of the OTHER 2 players in that group and vice-versa. If one of the two matches for that group has been completed for that round, we ask that they walk with the other 2 players as they finish up their match. After both matches for that group is completed, each group can then turn in their cards.

Before the first round, pairings will be made by random drawing. If there is an odd # of players in a division, a random player will get a bye each round and receive 1 match point. In subsequent rounds, the random player will be drawn among those with the least amount of total points. At the end of each round, match points will be totaled and pairings for the next round will then be made. After the first round, high points will play high points, and so on. If at all possible, there will be no repeat matches. There has to be at least 6 players in a division in order to prevent re-pairings. If there are exactly 6 players in a division, then everybody will play everybody at least once, regardless of total match points.

If there are 12 players in a division, then each round will consist of 6 matches. After round 1, 6 players will have 1 point and 6 players will have 0 points. Round 2 matches will consist of the 6 players with 1 point being paired off as well as the 6 players with 0 points.
After round 2, the 3 players with one point who won their match should then have 2 points, while those who lost will still have 1 point, while the 3 players with 0 points who won their match, will now have 1 point, and 3 players who lost again will still have 0 points. Making 3 players with 2 points, 6 players with 1 point, and 3 players with 0 points.
Round 3 will pair 2 of the players with 2 points, while the other player has to drop down and play somebody with 1 point, and so on.
Pairing continue in this way throughout the 5 round tournament, hoping to avoid re-pairings if at all possible.
At the end of the 5 rounds, match points are totaled and prizes awarded by order of finish. The payout % will be standard per division.

Please ask if you have any questions or let me know if I have failed to cover something.

Hope you will come support our efforts to try something a little different, while showcasing this new course.