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Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle [event results]

Tournament Director: Gary Wagoner (gary [at] (901) 488-3121
Date(s): 09/22/2012 - 09/23/2012     Location: Wall Doxey State Park - Holly Springs, MS
On the Web:,224102

Name of event: 2012 Wall Doxey Rumble in the Jungle Disc Golf Tournament

Dates of competition: Saturday September 22nd, and Sunday September 23rd, 2012

Course Locations: Wall Doxey State Park 7 miles south of Holly Springs, Mississippi.

Tournament Director: Gary Wagoner, 1558 W. Churchill Downs, Germantown, TN 38138. Phone: (901) 756-0690 (evenings) (901) 488-3121 (cell)

Qualifiers: Southern National Pro, Amateur & Doubles Championships.

Mosquitoes, ticks and chiggers: Wall Doxey State Park is a primitive area and mosquitoes are an aggravation and ticks are particularly bad. Everyone should bring mosquito repellant and apply it liberally to all exposed skin areas, belt lines and shoes. You will be glad you did. Watch out for local nuisances such as copper heads, water moccasins and black widow spiders.

Park Regulations: Wall Doxey is a Mississippi State Park in a wet county. Discrete consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed. No smoking is allowed in any of the park buildings including the cabins and bunkhouses.

Friday Doubles: There is a tradition of a flip-up doubles Sunday afternoon. This event is not sanctioned nor a part of the formal tournament. Tee time and entry fee is dependant upon the whims of the assembled throng.

Waiver of Liability: Everyone participating in the event must sign the waiver promising not to sue the TD, Gary Wagoner, or the park no matter what calamity may befall them. Saturday evening the waiver will be checked against player registration. Anyone playing who had not signed the waiver will be disqualified. Believe it!


Divisions and Entry Fees:
Pro Open: $55
Pro Women Open: $45
Pro Men Master (age 40* & older): $45
Pro Men Grandmaster (age 50* & older): $45
Pro Men Sr. Grandmaster (age 60* & older): $45
Pro Women Master (age 40* & older): $45
Amateur Advanced: $40
Amateur Advanced Master (age 40* & older): $40
Amateur Master (age 40* & older): $35
Amateur: $35
Amateur Women: $35
Juniors & Novices: $20

Payout Deductions: The following expenses will be deducted from the entry fees:
Per player deductions
$3 for Wall Doxey State Park
$2 for SNDG
Printing (fliers, scorecards, leader board cards, etc.)
Misc. expenses (golf pencils, sharpie markers, baggies, etc.)
Trophies & Plaques
CTP prizes
Players Packages (deducted from Amateur fields only)

Sponsorships: To sponsor a hole is $25. Sponsorship money is generally encouraged and gratefully accepted and should be mailed to Gary Wagoner payable to Disc Golf Tournament.

Pre-registration: Pre-registration is strongly encouraged. Send Check or Money Order payable to Disc Golf Tournament to Gary Wagoner at the address indicated at the beginning of this message. Please print legibly and include the following information with your registration:
Your Name
Your Division
Your Entry Fee

On line registration will not be offered for this tournament.

Note: even if you have pre-registered, you must check in with the TD Friday evening or Saturday morning to fill out your leader board card, sign the Waiver of Liability form and, if you wish, enter the ace pots.

Registration: Friday September 21st from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the camp site 28.

Late Registration: Saturday September 22nd from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. at the Canteen adjacent to the old swimming area. Due to the crush of people on Saturday morning please make an effort to register early or Friday evening at the latest. Please register with cash Friday and Saturday. If you have not registered with the TD, Gary Wagoner, by 9:00 a.m. you will not play.

Players Package: Only the first 50 Amateur competitors registered will receive a Players Package which will consist of, at a minimum, a custom artwork Discraft Buzzz or Surge.


Lodging: The park has various options for lodging:

Primitive Camping (no water or electricity) $13.00 per site.
RV Camping (water and electricity $18 per site. Two tents are allowed per site.
Bunkhouses $7.50 per night. A bunkhouse will accommodate 13 people. It will take a minimum of 7 people to open the first bunkhouse. If the total exceeds 13, then a second bunkhouse will be opened. If the total exceeds 26, then a third bunkhouse will be opened. If the total exceeds 39, then a third bunkhouse will be opened and so forth. Due to the popularity of the bunkhouses by organized groups there is no guarantee that they will be available.

Cabins - To get the weekend rate you must stay 3 nights. Check with the park on the particulars, but here are the general weekend nightly rates:

1 bedroom (duplex)- $75
1 bedroom (detached) - $80
2 bedrooms - $85


Players Meeting: The Players Meeting will begin at exactly 9:15 a.m. Saturday in the canteen of the old swimming area. Attendance is mandatory.

Tee Times: Saturday at exactly 10:00 a.m. for the morning round and 2:30 p.m. for the afternoon round. A horn will sound twice for the two minute warning and once to start play. Tee off Sunday will be exactly 9:00 a.m. There will be no players meeting on Sunday,

Tentative order of play:

All Pro and Advanced Divisions
1 Turkey Hollow
2 Spring Creek
3 Turkey Hollow

All other divisions except for Juniors and Novices
1 Spring Creek
2 Turkey Hollow
3 Spring Creek

Juniors and Novices will only play on Saturday
1 Spring Creek
2 Turkey Hollow

Final 6 skins will be laid our around the front of the park and be a minimum of $25/skin. The lowest scores of any pro divisions will be eligible and the score will not count in the Tournament order of finish.

Ace Pots: There will be one $3 ace pot for each of the 2 pools (no Juniors or Novices). The pots will divided evenly amongst the number of aces per pool. If no ace occurs, then there will be a throw off after the awards ceremony.

Cash/Prizes: Pros will receive plaques and cash, the ams will receive plaques and merchandise. The cost of the plaques will not be counted against the dollar amount of the am prizes.

Payouts: The payouts will be computed algebraically based on a set percentage of any finishing place to its predecessor. Second place will be a lesser percentage of first, but all other percentages of subsequent places will remain constant.

Minimum payouts:

Pro Divisions: 33%
Am Advanced: 40%
Ams: 50%

Safari Six Skins: Immediately after the last scorecard is turned in the skins will commence. The players will be those with the six lowest scores and open to any Pro Division. If, for example, there is a 7 way tie for 6th place the TD reserves the right to eliminate the 6th place, draw cards, or otherwise cull the field to preserve a reasonable time to conduct this event.

Awards Ceremony will be held in the same place as Saturday registration immediately after the skins event.

Gary Wagoner
Tournament Director