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Rigolette Roulette Doubles [event results]

Tournament Director: Eric Miller (ejmiller [at] (318) 730-6528
Date(s): 02/01/2014     Location: Ft. Buhlow DGC Purple n Gold - Alexandria, LA

Fort Buhlow DGC Purple and Gold Courses
Pineville LA
Co-TD is Ryan Niccolini


Entry fee per team:

Juniors $40
Novice $40
Am Women $50
Am Men $50
Advanced Men $60
Advanced Masters $60
Pro Masters $70
Pro Master Women $70
Pro GrandMasters $70
Pro Women $70
Pro Open $70

Players meeting 9am
First Round 915am
2nd round 1 hour after last card turned in.


One round Alt Mulligan (Purple Course)
One round Best Shot (Gold Course)


This is an alternating shot format that is continued throughout the round. After the initial throw from the first tee, teammates alternate throwing for all throws. Whichever teammate holes out, the other teammate must throw the initial throw from the next tee.

After the first throw is made from the tee or from any lie, the team must decide whether a second throw will be taken by the other teammate. The decision whether to make another throw must be made immediately (within 30 seconds) after the initial throw and before advancing to the next lie. Teams may not use a spotter for any reason or advance any distance past the lie from which they are throwing to aid in deciding whether to take a second throw. Once the other team has thrown (teams must give the other team 30 seconds to decide before throwing), no second shot may be made by the team that threw first. A second shot is not required. However, once a second throw is taken, it must be played, even if OB or lost. Provisional throws are not allowed.

The following is an example of the shot sequence by one team on a long hole with a water hazard near the basket.

Player 1 throws from the tee box.
Team decides to use that throw.
Player 2 throws an upshot that may have gone in the water past the basket.
Team decides to throw again.
Player 1 throws to a point well short of the basket.
Team discovers that Player 2 disc did not go into the water but must use Player 1 disc.
Player 2 misses a putt.
Team decides to take another shot.
Player 1 misses a putt and goes OB in the water.
Team must play the OB disc and take one penalty throw.
Player 2 putts from the lie near where Player 1s disc went OB and holes out.
The team scores a 5 on the hole.
Player 1 throws the initial shot from the next tee.

AM Payout by Aboriginal Discs

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