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Tournament Director: John “Gimp” Edwards III (Gimp [at] (832) 279-8084
Date(s): 09/04/2004     Location: Klein Park - Beaumont, TX
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All Southern National players are cordially invited to play in the 2004-2005 Gulf Coast Championship Series. The Klein Park event features Southern Nationals sanctioning as well as Amateur PDGA B-tier sanctioning, and Pro PDGA C-tier sanctioning (The Pleasure Island stop slated for mid-February will also be a Southern Nationals Qualifier).

The Beaumont locals have been kind enough to raise the Southern Nationals fees and payout will be over 115% for the Amateur divisions. For each amateur player entered in each of the ten events, Team Disaster and the Sponsors will donate $3 to the series finale, $1 to charity, and cover PDGA fees. Each Amateur will also receive a players pack at each event.

3rd Annual

Gulf Coast Championship Series

Each GCCS event will feature two rounds of at least 18 holes with low entry fees, pick your plastic merchandise for amateur cashers and full color framed trophies for the winners of each division. Average amateur payout will be over 115% at the qualifiers and estimated to be over 200% at the Finale. Pro payout will be 100% at the qualifiers and over 100% at the Finale.

New to the series this year is the Points Championship. Top players from each division will win personalized points championship trophies based on their total points from their top four finishes in the qualifiers! See the Question and Answer section for more details.

While anyone may play in the Finale and compete for the regular payout, to compete for the Series Bonus Payout ($3 per player during each qualifier – estimated to be over $2,000 added), you must compete in at least three of the nine qualifying events. Each event will be capped at 90, so sign up early! You may sign up using, by mail, or at the event. Signups will conclude at 9:00 AM SHARP on the day of the event if we do not fill early. Players of all skill levels are welcome. Be sure to check out the Question and Answer section for more details and information on the 2004-2005 Big Money Doubles Series. We hope to see you there!

Over 115% payout in the Amateur divisions

100% payout with 1/3rd of the field cashing in the pro divisions

Pro Divisions get cash, AMS ALWAYS GET TO PICK THEIR PRIZES!!!

B-Tier PDGA Points for Amateurs!

Southern National Points at the Klein and Pleasure Island Qualifiers!

Please check each event you wish to enter:

B-Tier Amateur/Pro C-Tier Qualifiers

XXX Moffitt Park, Houston, August 21, 2004

____ Klein Park, Beaumont, September 4, 2004

XXX Jack Brooks Park, Hitchcock, September 18, 2004

XXX City Park, Live Oak, October 30, 2004

XXX Cross Point Church Park, Katy, November 13, 2004

XXX Riverside Park, Victoria, December 4, 2004

XXX MacGregor Park, Houston, January TBA, 2005

XXX Old Settlers Park, Round Rock, January TBA, 2005

XXX Barry\'s Treasure Island, Pleasure Island, TBA, 2005

B-Tier Amateur/Pro C-Tier Finale (Signups taken later)

XXX Tom Bass Park, Houston, TBA 2005

Please check your division:

_____ Pro Men (any rating)

_____ Pro Women (any rating)

_____ Advanced Men (915 up rating)

_____ Advanced Master Men (875 up rating)

_____ Intermediate Men (875 to 915 rating)

_____ Recreational Men (any rating 874 and below)

_____ Women’s Advanced (800 up rating)

_____ Women’s Recreational (any rating 750 down)

Player Information


PDGA#: _____________ PDGA Rating (if known): ________

Phone: ___________________________________________

Email: ___________________________________________

Signature: _________________________________________

Pro, $50 _____

Advanced, $35 _____

Intermediate, $30 _____

Recreational, $25 _____

Optional Ace Pot $5 _____

Non-PDGA member fee $5 _____

Total Enclosed _____

By entering a Team Disaster disc golf tournament you agree to abide by all the rules and conditions of each event. The decisions of the tournament directors will be final. The tournament directors reserve the right to refuse entry, or disqualify players for infractions to these rules and laws. All PDGA rules apply along with any conditions detailed at each players meeting. Also by entering each event you hold no liability to the host city, tournament directors, sponsors, promoters, staff or volunteers. A $5 per event fee will be required of any Amateur who is not current on their PDGA dues.

Make checks payable to: Team Disaster Disc Golf, 6014 Sanford, Houston, TX 77096

Pay with credit card through:

Questions can be sent to:

John can also be reached at: (832) 279-8084
Check out our web page at:

3rd Annual

Gulf Coast Championship Series

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the deal with the Big Money Doubles Series? The Big Money Doubles Series has expanded to include nine total events and two rounds of golf for each event. The Moffitt, MacGregor, Cross Point, Round Rock, Bass and Live Oak GCCS events will have a BMDS event the Sunday following GCCS. The other events (Hitchcock, Klein and Conroe) will be on a Saturday. The 2nd round of each event will feature the fun 6-6-6 (Best Shot, Best Score, Worst Shot) format and the Bass Finale will have added payout like the GCCS does through the qualifiers. Check out for more details.

Q. Do I have to play all nine Qualifiers to play in the Finale? No.

Q. What is the Series Championship Bonus Payout? $3 per player will be applied to the Series Championship Bonus Payout that will be awarded during the B-Tier Finale. The Amateur Bonus payout is donated through Team Disaster and our sponsors. Pro qualifiers will have this fee deducted (along with the PDGA $2 fee and the $1 charity donation) before payout is calculated.

Q. How do I qualify for the Series Championship Bonus Payout? To be eligible, you need to play in at least three of the nine Qualifiers.

Q. If I play less than three of the qualifying events can I still play the finale? Yes, however you will not be eligible for the Series Bonus Payout. You will be eligible for the B-Tier payout.

Q. What is the deal with the Points Championship? The top golfers in each division (at least three per division) will win full color personalized and framed trophies. Points will be awarded at each qualifier within division (250 for 1st, 245 for 2nd, 240 for 3rd, etc.). Your top 4 point totals will be applied to the Points Championship. If you play more than four qualifiers, only your top four scores count (For instance, if you play all nine qualifiers, you will get to drop your lowest FIVE point totals and keep the top four).

Q. How will the tour bonus money be paid? Cash to professionals. Merchandise of your choice to Amateur divisions.

Q. What percentage of the field receives cash or prizes? Open pro - 33% of field, Advanced - 40% of field, Intermediate – 40% of the field, Recreational - 50% of the field.

Q. What percentage of players cash in the B-Tier bonus payout? The same percentage of the field as the B-Tier payout.

Q. Which divisions are available to play? Open Pro, Women’s Open, Advanced, Advanced Master, Women’s Advanced, Intermediate, Recreational and Women’s Recreational.

Q. Can I change divisions from one event to another? Yes, but if you are moving down you have to have a low enough PDGA rating to qualify for the division you are moving to. You can always play in a higher division than your rating.

Q. Can anyone play Pro? Yes, but if you are an amateur you will forfeit your PDGA Amateur status if you accept cash.

Q. How does the optional ace pot work? It is a rolling ace pot. If an ace is not hit, the accumulated money carries over to the next event. If there are no aces at the Finale, a CTP will be thrown with several of the closest throws taking a portion of the cash.

Q. What are the entry fees for each of the Qualifiers? Pro Divisions-$50, Advanced Divisions-$35, Intermediate Divisions-$30, Recreational Divisions-$25.

Q. What is the deal with the Finale? The date will not be set until later in the year. It is anticipated that entry fee’s will be $5 more per division for the Finale. Watch for more details.

Q. What are the payout percentages? In the Amateur divisions we will be paying out approximately 115% in the qualifiers (after PDGA fee). The $3 to the Series Bonus Payout, $1 donation per entry to a local charity and the PDGA fees have been raised through donations from Team Disaster and our generous sponsors. Pro payout will be entry fee minus the $3 Tour Bonus, $1 charity donation and $2 PDGA fee.

Q. Do I have to be a PDGA member to play? No, however a $5 per event fee will be charged to all players that are not PDGA members.

Q. Will I get PDGA points for playing? Yes, all amateurs will receive PDGA B-Tier points and all Pros will receive PDGA C-Tier points.

Q. Will I get a rating for playing in the events? Yes, all divisions will receive a PDGA rating for their performance in each event. You will only receive an official PDGA rating if you are a member. Team Disaster will post estimated ratings for ALL divisions after each event.

Q. How do I enter? As each event will be capped at 90 players, it is recommended that you sign up early. Please fill out the attached form and mail it to: John S. Edwards III, 6014 Sanford, Houston, Texas 77096. If we are not full, you will be allowed to enter on the morning of the event up to 9:00 AM SHARP. You can also enter the event by signing up on We reserve the right to limit the field size at each event depending on course conditions. Keep watching, and the PDGA and HFDS message boards for updates.

Q. How many holes will we play? At least 36.

Q. What if I do not have a PDGA rating? If a player does not have a PDGA rating, the tournament director will help the player determine their division on an individual basis.

Q. What is the deal with the Southern National Qualifier status at the Pleasure Island and Klein qualifiers? The Southern National Tour is similar to the PDGA and is mainly focused in the Louisiana, Alabama and Arkansas States. By making these events Southern National Qualifiers, not only will you become qualified for the Southern National Final, we will also have some competition from across the border. These events are also PDGA events. Beaumont locals have raised all the money necessary to cover the Southern National fees.