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2006 Lake Lowndes Summer Sizzler [event results]

Tournament Director: Jeff Haydel (jhaydel [at] (662) 312-6870
Date(s): 06/10/2006 - 06/11/2006     Location: Lake Lowndes State Park - Columbus, MS

It's that time of year again. The days are getting longer, and the air is warming up. That means its time to break out of the big drivers and take your best shot at the LAKE LOWNDES GOLD COURSE That's right the BEAST is back and ready to take your best shot.

Lake Lowndes Summer Sizzler
June 10th and 11th, 2006

Entry Fees:

$20 Novice/Junior (Will play 2 20 hole rounds on Saturday)
$25 All Amateur divisions (Will play 2 20 hole rounds on Saturday)
$35 All Advanced divisions (Will play Saturday and Sunday)
$45 All Pro divisions (Will play Saturday and Sunday)

$5 Special Sunday mini entry fee for 1 round of the Gold course


We will play 2 20 hole rounds on the Lake Lowndes Whispering Pines course on Saturday. All divisions will play these rounds. Awards will follow on Saturday afternoon for the divisions of Novice, Junior, and Amateur Men/Women/Masters.

One Sunday all divisions from Advanced Men/Women/Masters up to Open will play 1 18 hole round of the 10,058 feet, par 67 disc golf on the Lake Lowndes Gold Course. Awawrds for those divisions will follow immediately after that.

Sign-ups for Saturday will be from 8am till 9:30am at the main lodge with the Player's meeting at 9:30am.

Sign-ups for the Sunday mini will be from 8am til 9am with an ALL players Player's meeeting at 9am and a tee off of 9:30am.

Don't miss your chance to play one of the most challenging, if not THE MOST challenging course in the SN region.

Here are some quotes from people who have played it:

boba: "Wow! What an awesome course.... please do not tell me I have to wait another year to play there"

johnk: "Everybody that missed this tournament missed THE best course I've ever played. The Haydel course was amazing. OB's coming into play on almost every hole. ... Lake Lowndes park is the best looking park in MS."

Addie: "I am SOOOO glad I made this tournament! I can't remember the last time I had as much fun at a tournament. It is my favorite course by far!!! That Gold Course was amazing!!"

hilltopper: "Everybody out there who complains about SN courses being too short should show up and play the gold course. It makes Ephram White in Bowling Green look like Auburn Montgomery"

kr: "Man, I love this course, Every time you step up with frisbee in hand, you have choices to make. Those choices and how well you execute your decision determine the outcome. This is real golf and it is fun."

David Coady: "All those who have ever complained about all the courses in N. MS being pitch and putt, you should have seen the Gold course. It was a mental and physical challange, but the course was well thought out and fair."

admiral hackpar: "i'd put the LL gold course in my top 10 favorites of all time. and #8 definitely would be in the running for the best hole anywhere."

Don't miss your next shot at the Lake Lowndes Gold course!

For more info call Jeff Haydel 662-312-6870.