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Lake Lowndes 4th Winter Classic [event results]

Tournament Director: Kary Rogers (kr [at] (662) 323-7427
Date(s): 01/07/2006     Location: Lake Lowndes State Park - Columbus, MS

Its that time of year again! The 4th Lake Lowndes Winter Classic will be help on Saturday, January 7th 2006 this year. We will play two rounds of 20 holes on the regular Lake Lowndes course.


8am - 9:30..Signups
9:30........Players Meeting
10am........1st Round

Entry fees:
All Amateurs.......$20
All Advanced.......$25
All Pros...............$30

There will be a $3 discount to your entry fee if you bring 2 items from our charity\'s list below.

This year\'s event will benefit the Oktibbeha County Humane Society and the Lowndes County Humane Society so this year\'s donations will need to have a canine and feline slant to them. Our charities desperately need the following items:

Dog chews and rawhides
Dog treats
Paper Towels
Bleach or Pine Sol
Purina Dog and Cat food products (please only dry food)

There are more items on the complete list and it can be found at:

Remember just 2 items from the list gets you $3 off of your entry fee!!!!!!

Other fun stuff:

Weve all played with mulligans and theyve become a fun and important fund-raiser at ice bowls. We will use mulligans this year as well. All mulligans will cost $2 and can be used on any shot. Each player can use up to 3 mulligans a round.

Kary and Judy are usually rolling their eyes at my ideas for what to do different at the next tournament but we can blame this tourneys changes 100% between the pair of devils horns Judy has on her head. The first of this years \"enhancement\" will be dirty mulligans!!

Have you ever been playing with your buddy who and they hit an unbelievably great shot and thought \"MAN! Now I have to make the same shot to keep up!\" You never actually make that shot so now we give you another option! Make THEM make the shot again!!! That\'s right!! This is like Dirty Santa, only better. Play a dirty mulligan on them and they have to take the shot again! OUCHEEE!!! (Well publish all the rules for mulligans and dirty mulligans Lake Lowndes style in a little bit!)

As an added incentive we will be taking bribes, err, I mean bids to seed the first round groups however you like. Tired of that Mikey fellow mouthing off on the forum and you want to make him eat a good birdie putt!! Bid to play on his card and youll have the opportunity to do just that! Want to protect your honor in the car to the tourney challenge? Bid to play with your buddies and you can do just that!! All bids start at $5 and increment at $1.

Needless to say 100% of the proceeds from the above \"fun\" will be going to our charities.

So make plans to attend the 4th Lake Lowndes Winter Classic Ice Bowl where you can buy yourself a win or buy your buddy a loss!!!!