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DBP / Willy BT Open [event results]

Tournament Director: Will Timmons
Date(s): 04/14/2007     Location: Doyles Bayou Park - Baton Rouge, LA

This year we are changing the venue of the Greenwood Open to Doyles Bayou Park to hole the DBP / Willy BT Open on April 14th!

For those that played in the LA Doubles - you have had a glempse of the new venue for Disc Golf in the Baton Rouge area. For those that havent seen it yet, This course is awsome! (small pat on back)

Ive added some more Am tees, and adding 3 more holes to extend it to a 21 hole layout. The only hole that will change will be 11. The new one that was added when I removed old #2. One straight, one righty, one lefty are the new holes.

Now onto the Tournament.

Two Rounds - Hooters Wings - Refreshments for Willy BTs Birthday - Basket $1 a throw givaway - Raffle with CE Rocs/other collectable discs/and much more!

We have the materials to boil crawfish ourselves, but need a volenteer to get it started so they will be ready when we finish the first round! Any Takers?

Ill be opening the gate in the back of the parking lot, and letting people park their cars in the grass to the left of the play ground.

I will be needing 21 baskets to set up since we still dont have BRECs permission to get it perminant, but with a good turnout, it will show them that this is something that NEEDS to be done - and soon!

The park is located 10 miles North of Baker / Greenwood, and is quite secluded, and very easy to get to.

Doyle’s Bayou Park:
From I-10, exit on I-110 North. Continue on it to the Airport Exit #6. Go right on Harding Blvd to Plank Road. Take a Left on Plank, go for about 10 miles to Pride-Port Hudson Road – take a left. There is no light, but a sign saying Pride – Port Hudson Road next intersection is on road. About 2 miles down, the park is on the right. Pass the Soccer Fields, turn in after lake.

Entry Fees:
Open Pro / Pro Masters: $35
Pro Women / Gr Master: $30
Advanced / Int Master: $25
Intermed Men & Women: $20
Novice & Juniors: $15