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GCBC Fund Raiser Doubles Tournament [event results]

Tournament Director: Byron Smith (chachi7056 [at]
Date(s): 09/27/2008     Location: GCBC - Lucedale, MS

Name: GCBC Fund Raiser Tournament
Date: September 27th & 28th
Location: Lucedale, MS
TD: Byron Smith

This Tournament is design to raise funds for the camp, and give disc golfers a chance retreat themselves. There will be payouts and chances to win cash CTPs. Here's how it will work.

Saturday, golfers may arrive anytime they like up til a 1 PM registration. Come early and enjoy the 98 acres that will belong to the players for the weekend. The camp ground offers an Olympic pool, fishing, canoeing, and various sports at no charge for players. Check website for more details on grounds. GCBC.US

Doubles On Saturday will cost $10 per team. There will be Pro and Am divisions. Payouts for doubles will consist of donated prizes.

Fried Turkey Supper will be served that night $6 a person.
Breakfast Bar will be served in the morning for $5 a person.

8 AM Sunday Morning service for those who like (30 mins)
Lunch will be $5 as will BBQ sandwich with sides

Singles Tournament on Sunday
Novice $18
Ams $23
Am Masters & Advance $28
All Pro Divisions $33

Bad News First
$10 will be taken out of each entry fee for the camp fundraiser. The rest of the funds will go to pay out 1/4 of the field instead of 1/3. Payout will be for fewer people, but decent.

Good News
If you Spend $35 to spend the night, everything gets a lot more exciting. First off, for those who pay to stay eat for free. You will play the doubles free of charge as well. And to top it off the camp will give $30 back for every 4 who stay in cash ctps. If 40 people stay at the camp that gives us ten $30 cash ctp for the final round. Am Masters, advance, and pro will shoot from Blue tees last round allowing all fields to throw for all the cash. If we fill this tournament up and everyone stays on site, that will give us 72 people and every hole on the last round will have a $30 CTP

More Fun
To Help the Fund Raising we will be auctioning off at least one Golf Cart for the day.
This tournament allows you to see some family of Friday Night, take your time on Saturday to come out to the camp. If allows players to camp out in our cabins with meals provided at an extreme low cost. It gives you a chance to play a doubles and singles Tournament. Raise funds for a good cause and have a chance to win up to $540 in cash during the last round.

This is a privately own Bible Camp. Please remember the owner and board of directors will be helping with this event. No forms of illegal drugs are permitted. I am hoping to make this an annual event to allow disc golfers a chance to play a different kind of tournament once a year. Since this is not a public course, you will only have one chance to play it a year. (only one chance to throw that 300+ foot shoot over the lake).