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2022 Southern Nationals Pro & Am Championships

Tournament Director: Michel Munn

The SN Pro & Am Championships will be hosted by Between the Pines Disc Supply and One Time Disc Golf in Jackson, MS on May 21st-22nd, 2022. This event will be assisted by the JUDGES Disc Golf Club.

**You must have at least 2 SN points in either year 2020 or 2021 to participate in this event. 

TD - Pete Hindman

Assistant TDs - Mark Sandefur, Parks Douglass, Michael Stamey, & Chris Miller

Courses to be used - The Rez, Pearl(Center-City Park), Old Trace Park

Be on the lookout for additional information including registration details. 

32.3907947, -90.0297365

* Winnings in a pro division may include cash and prizes. In amateur divisions, only prizes are received by players. Prizes given out for extra events (CTP, etc.) may be included in this total.


Competition Results