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Fling for Wings Doubles VI

Tournament Director: Jason Jones

6th annual Fling for Wings Doubles. Dirty Devil Edition.
Best shot. 

Dirty Devil Rules:

Tickets must be purchased before round starts. No tickets sold during round. 

$2 Worse shot tickets. (Make a team take their worse shot for the entire hole. Ticket must be cashed in before team makes first throw on hole.)

$1 Single shot tickets. (Take a partner out of the equation for 1 shot. Ticket must be cashed in before team takes first shot from lie.)

$1 Worse putt (Make team take worse putt. Ticket can be cashed up until both players attempt their putt.)

$62 per team. 

Southern Nationals Event

* Winnings in a pro division may include cash and prizes. In amateur divisions, only prizes are received by players. Prizes given out for extra events (CTP, etc.) may be included in this total.


Competition Results