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Monticello DG Course Fundraiser #1

Tournament Director: Tony Bass
Atwood Water Park DGC (coming soon)

Brand New Course Coming Soon!!

I am currently working on installing a new course at a Beautiful park that GOD seemed to put here on Earth for the sole purpose of disc golf.  This park is named Atwood Water Park and is located in South Central Mississippi in the town of Monticello.  The course is going to be awesome once completed, but we will have to pay for it ourselves unfortunately, as the budget for Monticello is just too tight to afford a new course at this time.  


But we will not let this stop us, right disc golf brigade?  We will start by getting a line of credit from INNOVA Champion Discs for 10 baskets and install those first as just a 10 hole layout.  We will have to make monthly payments on these baskets to get this thing done, but get it done we shall.  So the first wave of fundraising will come in the way of tournament play.  I will host events on just the 10 hole layout, taking $10 per player to go to the course fund.  I know this is a significant part of players entry fees, so we will make it up to the players through AWESOME players packs at a low cost, to offset the $10 deduction.


So please join us on Labor Day weekend and plan on being a part of this fundraising effort.  It will make you feel very proud after the fact, if you do.  You will be able to say, "I helped fund that course and without me, it would have never been installed".  Please, please make it if you can.



All Amateur divisions - $25

All Pro Divisions - $40

pre-registration coming soon....

sign up 7:15 - 8:25 am

meeting at 8:30 am

Tee off at 9:00 am

2 rounds of 20 holes (10 holes played twice)

*many players will throw from 2 different tees to mix things up*

* Winnings in a pro division may include cash and prizes. In amateur divisions, only prizes are received by players. Prizes given out for extra events (CTP, etc.) may be included in this total.


Competition Results