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The Resurrection

Tournament Director: Blaine Roberts
Lake Lincoln State Park

This course has been around for forever but extremely grown in to the point where basically no one even attempted to play it. Two guys (Dan Campbell and Brent Fielder) started playing during covid closures and have put in a ton of work to get the course back to life. They have also developed a great relationship with the park. As things open back up it will be hard for them to keep up the maintenance on the course so we need to show the park how much disc golf can mean to them so they will help keep the course. I met Dan last week while sneaking in a quick round while home for thanksgiving and was amazed at what they’ve accomplished!! Players so new that he had questions about playing his lie, have put up new signage and put in work on course. 

This course has AWESOME elevation, tight but fair and challenging lines, precariously placed baskets, and a couple of great ace runs if you’re looking for that first tournament ace!! 

2 rounds 
18 holes

Int through open play long tees.
Rec,jrs, and int women play shorts.

31.701277, -90.3975928

* Winnings in a pro division may include cash and prizes. In amateur divisions, only prizes are received by players. Prizes given out for extra events (CTP, etc.) may be included in this total.


Competition Results